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Clash of Clans Archer Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

All true clashers know that Archers are the backbone of the game. Not only are they quick and affordable, but those little ladies pack a powerful punch as well. COC Archers have the ability to shoot over walls, so it is pretty much necessary you bring at least some of them with you to every battle. If you are ever having trouble deciding what to upgrade and have not maxed out your Archers yet, then it should be an easy decision. Archers should be the first troop you max out, because although they don’t gain much power or health when you upgrade them, Archers in numbers can do lots of damage and are crucial if you want to become a good war attacker and/or resource farmer.



Clash of Clans Archer

COC Archers

COC Archer Attack Strategy

Archers can be paired with just about any other troop and there are lots of different attack strategies you can utilize with them. For the most part, you want to make sure to bring at least 30-40 Archers with you to each battle, except if you are attacking in war. Some common troops to pair with the Archer are Giants, Wall Breakers, Goblins, and Wizards. These are some of the common attack strategies for Archers that you should try out:

  • “Barching” – using Barbarians and Archers together to get loot that is still in the Resource Collectors on the outside of the enemy base. First, drop your Barbarians, next, drop your Archers. You can make a perimeter around the entire base or you can focus on sections.
  • Deploy a heavier troop like a Golem or Giants first. This will provide cover for your Archers so they can come in behind them and take out some buildings.
  • Don’t deploy your Archers in one spot, otherwise they can all get taken out by a Giant Bomb or even normal Bombs. Spread them out to reduce your risk of getting killed by traps.
  • Search for buildings that are outside of the attack range for the defensive units your enemy has along the perimeter of the base. Finding these blind spots can get you some easy resources or those extra percentage points you need to get that second 50% star.
  • Use your Archers to help draw out the enemy’s Clan Castle troops to get them right where you want them.
  • When you are taking out the CC troops spread your Archers out so that they surround them, otherwise they can all get taken out by the splash damage from a Wizard, Valkyrie, or Dragon.

It is not unheard of to do an attack with all Archers, if done correctly it can actually save you a lot of Elixir since you are not building more costly troops such as Giants or Wizards. With an all Archer attack you should probably just surround the base and create an iron Archers COC fence.

Clash of Clans Barching Attack Strategy

COC Barching Attack

Deploying Archers Safely

 The most important thing to remember when deploying Archers is to not clump them together and deploy them all in the same spot. That is a sure fire way to get all of those precious little shooters destroyed in a split second by a Mortar splash, Wizard zap, Giant Bomb, and even regular Bomb. If you are absolutely certain that all traps have been set off by other troops then you can go for it, but it is much better to just spread them out.

Deploying Archers behind other troops with more Hitpoints, such as Golems and Giants, is also a good idea. Archers can take a couple hits, but for the most part they are weak and will die quickly. When you drop them behind a heaver troop it allows them to sit back and do damage while your bigger troops absorb most of the damage. If you can, make sure the enemy Defenses are distracted before you deploy the Archers, otherwise you could still get hit.

If you are using an tablet to attack, or are just very skilled on your cell phone, then try to use at least 2 fingers to deploy your Archers, 3 o 4 if possible. This will make it so that your Archers are deployed in separate spots, and the steady stream of them will create a nice attack unit as they take aim on the enemy. After a few seconds they will start to spread out nicely and hopefully cover the areas of the enemy base you intended them to. Another good physical deployment strategy for Archers is to use 1 or 2 fingers and just go back and forth on the screen so that they are getting deployed evenly. Either approach will work, it all just preference.

Archers for Farming

Using Archers for farming is probably what you’re going to spend most of your time doing. Since Archers are for the most part very affordable and extremely versatile attackers, they are the best possible troop you can use for farming, even if you are farming for Elixir. The best Clash of Clans Archer attackers try out all sorts of strategies of how to use their Archers to farm.  Most people pair them with Barbarians since they are so cheap and quick to build, and it is also probably a good idea to build some Giants as well to provide some cover for your Archers.

A very common mistake that is made by a lot of clashers when they farming with Archers is they forget to identify if the bulk of the resources are in the collectors or the storages. The location of the resources you are trying to go for will determine how you deploy your troops. If the resources are in the collectors you will want to take more of a “barching” approach, but if they are in the storages you will want to concentrate your troops into one area more and place your Wall Breakers carefully so you can penetrate the enemy base and make into the middle where the storages probably are. Using Rage Spells and Jump Spells will help with that tremendously.

Archers for War Armies

 Using Archers for war could get you booted from a lot of clans, so that pretty much just says it all right there. The only way you should be using Archers is to draw Clan Castle troops and take out buildings that have blind spot access. There are much stronger troops to use for war, Archers should only be used for war and farming. The only other reason possible you should be using Archers for war is if you are a very low level player that is facing up against very weak bases that can basically be 2 starred by any troop combo.

Archers and the Rage Spell

The Rage Spell with Archers works wonders. It turns them into little Wizards in the sense that they become very powerful. Archers do not naturally have a lot of damage per second, they are more of a troops that you should use in swarms to do major damage. However, when you drop a Rage Spell over Archers they are able to chew through defensive units and heavier buildings very quickly. The speed increase from the Rage Spell turns them into a very speedy and efficient attacker, however, make sure you lead your Archers into the Rage Spell because there is a chance they can run right through it, especially if the units they are attacking at that moment don’t have a lot of hitpoints. Try to use the Rage Spell with Archers when they are approaching a very heavy building like the Town Hall, Clan Castle, X-Bow, Storages, etc.

Archers as a Clan Castle Unit

Archers make a great Clan Castle Troops. COC Archer experts realize the importance of having lots of troops in your CC, because that means it is going to take a lot of time and effort for the attacker to be able to draw them out. The truth of the matter is that for offense there are better troops you can have in your Clan Castle. Archers are basically the standard donating troop in all clans since they are good overall and work for lots of different troop combos. If you have weak Archers you might get booted from your Clan, so make sure you are always working on getting them maxed out.

The biggest problem with using Archers for defense in your Clan Castle is the Poison Spell. Since that was released it has made it much more difficult for your CC Archers to have any type of impact. If placed correctly, the Poison Spell, especially level 2 or higher, can drain Archers in a mater of a couple seconds. It works even better then Lightning since it is more predictable and easier to control. With that being said, Archers are still a good choice for a Clan Castle troop, so don’t be too shy. It’s tough, but if you can try to stick with Dragons.

Archers Offensive Strategy

 Offensive strategies for Archers can really vary, so just remember to use the ones that work best for you. The following tips and Archer offensive strategies will get you to where you need to be:

  • When farming, remember to look for easy bases that have lots of resources in the collectors kept on the outside of the base
  • When attacking for war, remember to only use Archers in blind spots to destroy enough buildings to give you those extra percentage points you need for a 2 or 3 star attack.
  • Before you deploy your Archers, drop your heavier hitpoint troops first to provide cover.
  • Make sure you are not sending your Archers strait into a Giant Bomb or Skeleton Trap by sending other troops through the area first.
  • Use Rage Spells to enhance the power and speed of your Archer attack.
  • Send Barbarians out to destroy and distract while your Archers sit back and do the majority of the damage.
  • Wait until defensive units get distracted and then drop some Archers right next to them in order to speed up the process of taking them out. This will save you lots of hitpoints.
  • Use Archers to help draw CC troops and get them right where you want them.

Archer Defense Strategy

The best defensive strategies for Archers involve good trap placement. Since Archers don’t have the most hitpoints in the world, you can easily take them out by making sure your traps are placed in the best possible spots. Try to set up your base in a way where you can predict where the enemy might want to attack from. Make a certain side of your base a bit more appealing so they want to choose that spot, and then stick your traps all around so that everywhere they can and want to deploy their Archers they will just be sending them into a death trap.

Giant Bombs can do the most damage to a pack of Archers, but on the other hand it could be a big waste if a Giant Bomb gets set off on only 1 or 2 Archers. With that being said, Giant Bombs should still be a large part of your Archer defensive strategy. It is smart to place them around the corners of your base and also behind buildings so that it is more likely a group of Archers have built up. The more Archers that build up and pack together, the more Archers that will be destroyed by Giant Bombs, kicked out of the screen by Spring Traps, or distracted and taken out by Skeletons.

Upgrading your walls will also help prevent Archers from doing a lot of damage on your base, so make sure to start doing that as early as you can. Upgrading your Town Hall too early and before you get your walls up to par could result in a base that is very vulnerable to strong Archers. Because if your walls can’t hold them in, they will spread like wild fire and destroy just about everything you have.

Archer Training Cost 

The training cost for Archers starts out very fair at 50 Elixir, but when you max them out and you are paying 500 Elixir per Archer it gets a bit steep. Then again, since Archers can shoot over walls and for the most part pack a good combo punch of power and speed, 500 Elixir starts seeming fair. If Archer training cost was cheaper, then people would be able to farm for Elixir way too easily and the game would be a little unbalanced. If you are farming for Dark Elixir then you probably don’t care at all about Elixir cost, in that case Archers are a great bargain. However, if you are going after the purple stuff then you might find it a bit difficult to make some good gains.

Archers Housing Space

Well, in Clash of Clans Archers can’t take up any less space then they do. Weighing in on the scale at 1 housing unit, Archers are able to provide you with a massive army of troops that can flood defensive units with ease. It makes them very expensive when you consider the cost of a Level 3, 4, or 5 Archer, but since they are the most used troop in the game the cost to housing space ratio is okay.

Clash of Clans Archers Main Points

  • Use Giants, Golems, and even Valkyries to distract the defensive units, that way your Archers can do some real damage.
  • Avoid traps by making sure other troops clear the path first.
  • When you are in war, use Archers to draw CC troops and take out buildings that have blind spots.
  • Use Rage Spells with Archers
  • Use Heal Spells with Archers if you have strong Archers for the base you are attacking. Otherwise it is not going to do much.
  • Use Jump Spells with Archers if it is worth it, meaning if it is going to help you get a lot more resources and/or take out the Town Hall or some other very strategic target for your Archer attack strategy.
  • With well executed Archer COC attacks you will be able to move faster up the ranks, so make sure to practice lots of different strategies.
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