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Clash of Clans Balloon Basic Information, Stats, and Levels  

Balloons are the foundation troop of just about every air attack strategy. They are slow moving, but they are able to hover above walls and deliver a lot of damage to the opposing base. The best part about their high damage attack style is the fact that they target defensive fist, just like Giants. When they finally make their way to the targeted defensive unit, you will see a little skeleton guy reach out and drop a bomb over the target. It is one of the most intricate attacks in all of the game in regards to graphics. If used with the right troops Balloons can 3 star a base in war, get lots of loot for you when farming, and draw Clan Castle troops out while creating a little damage at the same time. COC Balloons are one of the most fun troops to use in the game, but if you use them in the wrong way you are going to be very disappointed.

1 25 1 attack per 4 seconds 100 150
2 32 1 attack per 4 seconds 128 180
3 48 1 attack per 4 seconds 192 216
4 72 1 attack per 4 seconds 288 280
5 108 1 attack per 4 seconds 432 390
6 162 1 attack per 4 seconds 648 545
Level Training Cost Upgrade Cost Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 2000 None None 4
2 2500 150,000 2 4
3 3000 450,000 4 6
4 3500 1,350,000 5 7
5 4000 2,500,000 6 8
6 4500 6,000,000 7 9
Clash of Clans Balloon

COC Balloons

COC Balloon Attack Strategy

Attacking with Balloons seems a lot easier than it actually is. It seems as if those Balloons are just going to keep going and slowly glide across the enemy base until all is destroyed, but as you probably know that is not easy to make happen. If you don’t utilize the core foundations of Balloon attack strategies, you are going to have a rough time. Just remember the following attack tips when you are going in with Balloons:

  • Make sure to bring at least 1-4 Lava Hounds with you to distract the Air Defenses.
  • Build at least 10-15+ Balloons to bring to battle.
  • Do not release all of your Balloons at once in the same spot. Wait for your Lava Hounds to take out the hidden traps and then focus on one section of the base at a time
  • Target the strongest air defenses the enemy has, whether that is the Air Defenses or the X-Bows or a big clump of Archer Towers.
  • Fill your Spell Factory with all Rage and Heal Spells. If you have to choose between the two then go with Rage, especially if your Rage Spell is further along upgrade wise
  • When it comes to luring the Clan Castle troops out, you can do that specifically with a Hog or Balloons, or you can use the Golem & Hero strategy to make an initial dent in the enemy base right off the bat.

*** Golem & Hero Start-off Strategy: Before deploying any air troops, this strategy calls for you to drop a Golem into a Jump Spell so he can make it through the outside perimeter. While he distracts the enemy defenses you deploy your Barbarian King and Archer Queen along with a handful of Wizards. What this does is destroys a nice chunk of the enemy base, and if you do it correctly you can take out 1-2 of the enemy Air Defenses. This will make it very easy for to finish it off from the back side or one of the sides.

  • The goal is to have at least 3 Rage Spells to use just on your Lava Hounds and Loons, and for optimal placement you should try to attack from two different angles. That way you can drop one Rage Spell on either side, and then save the third one (or Heal Spell) to drop over the middle of the base where the two different clumps of Balloons COC meet in the middle.
  • You can even save 4-8 Balloons for the end of your attack to target the last remaining defenses for some extra support. This works great since they should be already distracted by the main clump.

Whatever you do, pay special attention to Wizard Towers because their splash damage could take out an entire batch of Balloons if they hang around for long enough. In order to become a Clash of Clans Balloon attack master you will need to recognize when and when you should not drop your spells to push through.

Deploying Balloons Safely

The most important thing to remember when you are going for safe Balloon deployment is to clear the air traps. The best way to do this is to drop some Lava Hounds in front of the Air Defenses. It is a good spot to deploy your Hounds because that is usually where most people place their hidden air traps, and it makes sense because that way there are at least air traps around if the Air Defenses get smashed. A little trick you can use is instead of deploying the Lava Hounds directly in front of the Air Defenses, drop them a bit to the side so that the Lava Hound can cover as much ground as possible on the way to the target, clearing all of the traps in their way.

Besides for clearing the area with Lava Hounds, you want to make sure to spread your Balloons out when you deploy them, don’t just hold your finger down and create a clump. If you have clumps, than they will be easily susceptible to the splash damage those Wizard Towers spit out along with air traps. Your Balloons might clump up anyway, but you don’t want to have them start out like that. Spreading them out allows you to clear an entire side of the enemy base and it will make your attack much more efficient.

Balloons for Farming

Becoming a great COC Balloons attacker does not involve using them to farm. In fact, Balloons suck for farming. It’s not that they can’t do a good job at destroying the enemy base and getting you lots of loot, but they are expensive to build and you are better off using Giants instead. Giants provide more hitpoints and cover for your troops, and you are not going to go broke building them. Another big reason why Balloons are not good for farming is because they take a long time to build – 8 minutes vs the 2 minutes it takes to a build a Giant. That is a 4 to 1 advantage when it comes to how many attacks you can dish out in your valuable clash time.

Balloons for War Armies

Balloons were built for War. Not only are they a very dominant troop that, if used correctly, has the ability to 3 star all bases, but they are also very cool looking and really encompass everything war is about. The maxed out, Level 6, black and spiky Balloons are by far the coolest looking.

When it comes to Balloon war strategies, you want to make sure to practice all of the different air attack variations you can use with Balloons as the foundation. You want to really try out a lot of different combos so you can see if you want to bring Minions and/or Dragons, or if you want to just do a strait “Lavaloon” attack with Balloons and Hounds only.

The key to your war attacks with Balloons will be proper spell placement, so make sure you have your Spell Factory filled up before you attack. Also, if you are down a Hero you might want to adjust your strategy accordingly. For example, if you are down an Archer Queen you might not want to use the Golem first strategy and just lure the Clan Castle like you would normally with a Hog, Loons, or Giants. If you are down a Barbarian King then you might want to bring more Wizards with you to help clean up. It all depends on your attack style, so just make sure you are scouting the bases correctly and looking for bases that are susceptible to air attacks. Look for week Air Defenses, X-Bows targeting ground only, Inferno Towers on single instead of multiple, weak Archer Towers, and a weak Archer Queen. With Balloon war attacks you don’t really have to be worried about the enemy’s Barbarian King since they can only attack ground troops, so don’t pay too much attention to him.

Balloons and the Rage Spell

Good Balloon attacks would not exist without spells, especially the Rage Spell. Sure, Heal Spells can work okay, but Rage Spells really give Balloons the extra push that they need in order to make it through the entire base. Since Balloons work sow slowly, Rage Spells really allow them to move normally and cover a lot of ground. Waiting for those little skeletons to drop the bomb off can seem like it is taking forever if it is not engulfed in a Rage radius. It might take you some time to get used to how they fit into the radius since they seem like they are more forward than they really are, but you just need to pay attention to the shadow of the Balloon in order to gauge where they are tile wise. Make sure to also follow the Rage Spell deployment strategy that is explained above in the Balloon attack strategy section.

 Balloons as a Clan Castle Unit

Ever since the Poison Spell was released, Balloons have become one of the most popular Clan Castle units to use along with Dragons, usually Level 5 Drags. Since Balloons are pretty chunky when it comes to hitpoints and they also can attack air troops, many clashers are using them in their war CC’s along with Dragons. Using Balloons as a Clan Castle troop is also good because you can use them to lure. If you deploy a Clan Castle filled with Balloons, especially a high level CC, then the Balloons will draw out the Clan Castle troops and destroy at least one defensive unit in the process. You definitely want to consider the level of the Balloons before you consider if and how you use them. Level 6 Balloons are really the only ones worth using. In some cases level 5 loons can get some good damage done on a Town Hall 8 or below, but Level 6 Balloons are really a lot stronger then the others, so you should upgrade them as soon as possible if you like using Balloon based attacks.

Balloons Offensive Strategy

Don’t over think your offensive strategies for Balloons too much. Keep it simple and attack the Air defenses first by deploying Lava Hounds by them in order to distract them and the rest of the defensive units. The big decisions you’re going to have to make is how many of each type of troop you should bring, when you should deploy them, and when you should deploy them. With Balloons there are lots of different combos that you can use to see good results.

The most important general guidelines to follow when using Balloons is to practice a lot to see what troop combos work best for you at your place in the game, and to scout each base carefully to really decide if (1) it is a good candidate for an air attack, and (2) where to attack it from and how. Learning how to do those 2 things effectively will allow you to be a COC Balloons killer.

Balloon Defense Strategy

Since walls are not going to stop Balloons, you don’t have to worry about those. You should be most concerned about the following things:

  • The layout of Your Base: make sure your Air Defenses are spread out symmetrically or in a triangular layout, this will help them cover the most air. Also, try to not keep them directly on the perimeter if possible, because putting them 2 or 3 layers deep will make it very hard for the Heroes and Golem/s to snipe them off in the beginning.
  • The Level of Your Air Defenses: make sure you are putting in some work to keep your Air Defense level up to par
  • The Level of Your Hidden Traps: upgrade them throughout the game so that they actually do damage to the enemy troops when sprung
  • The Placement of Your Hidden Traps: place them around your Air Defenses so that you have some backup firepower in the case that your AD’s are destroyed. Also keep them by your Archer Towers since they are crucial against Balloons too

Take some time to watch YouTube videos, research bases, and ask your clan mates to help you come up with the best base design as possible, because that is really what will save you from a massive Balloon attack.

Balloon Training Cost 

Balloons are priced just right. Considering their hitpoints, damage per second, and training time the range of cost for Balloons is not that much at all. If anything, they take too long to cook, however, if they did not take so long a lot more people would just bring Balloons with them to battle and crush people; it is all about balance in this game and apparently8 minutes is just right. Also, if you are trying to farm with them you are not going to have much luck because you can only do so many battles while you wait for them. For the cost and time it takes them it would be great if they moved a little faster in battle.

Balloons Housing Space

The housing space for Balloons is pretty generous, coming in at only 5. Balloons can easily be one of those weird numbers like 6, 7, or 8, but at an even 5 they are really usable. The air troops in Clash of Clans are pretty limited; there are only Lava Hounds, Dragons, Minions, Balloons, and Healers. Healers do fly but since they don’t attack they are barely mentionable here. Balloons fit in as the middle troop, the mama bear troop that is not too heavy and not too light. If you really learn how to use them wisely then you can make the most out of the housing space that Balloons take up.

Clash of Clans Balloons Main Points

  • They are really supposed to be used in swarms and big clumps. Precision Balloon attacks are only going to go so far.
  • Bring lots of spells with them, Rage and Heal work best
  • Pair Balloons with a few heavy Lava Hounds or Dragons, and make sure to drop your Spells over the Air Defenses.
  • Try deploying your Heroes behind a Golem in the very beginning in order take out at least 1 of the Air Defenses. You can also use a Rage Spell here to help do as much damage as possible
  • Figure out how you should attack the base you want, and decide if you should deploy your Balloons in a battle line or in a clump.
  • Balloons work great as a Clan Castle troop for both defense and offense.
  • Don’t use Balloons for farming unless you are going after Gold and/or Dark Elixir, they cost too much purple Elixir to try and cook them up all the time. Plus, they take a while to build compared to Giants and other troops.
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