Clash of Clans Barbarian

Clash of Clans Barbarian – Tips, Stats, Levels


Clash of Clans Barbarian Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

 In Clash of Clans Barbarians are one of the most important troops. This is because they can be built extremely quickly and are very affordable.  This makes it very easy for you to build battle armies very quickly to farm. Barbarians are pretty slow and are not capable of doing that much damage per second, but for what they cost you in Elixir they have lots of hitpoints and work great as a distraction. “Barching” is when you use Barbarians and Archers to farm resources, and it is one of the most popular attack strategies in the game. Barbarians also work great for drawing Clan Castle troops, this is because they are able to take a couple more hits than Archers and can draw CC troops that much further. Their biggest downside is that they attack ground only and are not able to attack over walls. 

Clash of Clans Barbarian

COC Barbarians

COC Barbarian Attack Strategy

Barbarian attack strategies normally revolve around the “Barching” approach – deploying Barbarians to distract the defense while Archers reside on the perimeter and destroy Elixir Collectors that are filled up and along the outside of the base. Besides for “Barching,” Barbarians are really not used much. The only other roles Barbarians can really have in attack strategies is luring CC troops and filling them.

Find a location on the enemy base you are attacking that is within range of the Clan Castle troops and drop your Barbs there. It will probably take anywhere from 3-6 Barbarians to draw out all of the CC troops, it all depends on what troops are hiding inside. If there are Archers, Wizards, and/or Witches than it will take a while. But if they have a troop that takes up a lot of housing space like Dragons, Lava Hounds, Pekkas, or Golems then it will be very easy to accomplish a quick lure.

Clash of Clans Barbarian Attack

COC Barbarian Attack Strategy

Deploying Barbarians Safely

When you are deploying Barbarians the main thing you want to do is spread them out. If you clump Barbarians together you are going to see them fly off your screen after they get sprung by a spring trap, or get destroyed by a Giant Bomb, or get pummeled by splash damage from either a Mortar or Wizard Tower. Also, you may want to deploy just a couple of them at first to clear out any hidden traps, after you can see the path is clear then you can go ahead and drop them. For how cheap they are Elixir wise, Barbarians are pretty sturdy, so you don’t have to worry to much about regular bombs.

Barbarians for Farming

“Barching,” one of the most popular and widely used farming methods, and it includes a mix of Barbarians, Archers, and maybe Giants and maybe Wizards. For the most part, it is all about Barbarians and Archers. What you want to do is deploy your Barbarians first, after the enemy defenses are distracted it is safe to go ahead and deploy your Archers. The main idea behind this strategy is to distract the defensive units with the Barbarians while they and the Archers take out the Elixir Collectors that are outside of the base walls.

There are a couple different ways you can “barch.” The most popular way is to blanket your Barbarians across an entire side and then drop your Archers spread out in a row behind them. Another Barbarian attack strategy you can use is to pin point each Elixir Collector and take them out one by one, deploying a few Barbs and Archers at a time. Most people fall somewhere in the middle, it really depends on how the base you are attacking is setup. If you want to be a true Clash of Clans Barbarian attacker, then you better master the “Barching” strategy quickly.

Barbarians for War Armies

In war, Barbarians do not really have much use. Unless you are a very low level player that is going up against the enemy’s bottom feeders, Barbarians are not a troop you want to bring with you to battle. When you use Barbarians for war the only purpose they really have is to draw out Clan Castle troops and kill them. They could work a little better than Archers since they have more hitpoints and give you more time, but you just need to make sure to find a spot within range of the Clan Castle, and that can be tough sometimes since Barbs do not have any attacking range, they need to be right next to the unit they are trying to slash with their sword. The main use for a Barbarian in war is to kill the CC troops. Once they are drawn to where you want them, you can use the same strategy as you would when “Barching” and deploy some Barbarians to distract the CC troops while you drop some Archers behind them to take them out. Now that the Poison Spell is available this might not even be that important.

Barbarians and the Rage Spell

Most clashers would never drop a Rage Spell with Barbarians, but those whom do will find out that it actually works pretty well. It speeds them up and increases their naturally horrible damage per second, allowing them to actually do a good amount of damage instead of just being bate. Something else you can try is deploying Barbarians with your King, that way if you have a BK that is at least level 5+ and you use his ability, there will be lots more Barbarians in the mix to become empowered by the Rage Spell. There are not any diehard COC Barbarian attackers, but if there were they would probably be huge fans of using Rage Spells. Heal Spells with Barbarians could actually work a little better. Since Barbs do come with a decent amount of hitpoints, they can actually last a good while longer if they are within the warm glow of the Heal Spell.

Barbarians as a Clan Castle Unit

If you donate Barbarians to somebody’s Clan Castle they are probably going to be very upset, because they will not be of much use. They get killed pretty quickly, they do not have any range, they have very low damage per second, and they are slow. For both defense and offense, there are definitely better troops to use. Some people might use them for “barching” attacks, and if used correctly they can do some good. Ultimately, Archers will out perform Barbarians any day of the week.

Barbarians Offensive Strategy

Your offensive strategy for Barbarians should always include using them as a distraction troop. “Barching” is the best thing you can do with Barbs – deploying them in front of Archers on the filled up resource collectors left on the outskirts of the enemy base. They can also be used for drawing Clan Castle troops and killing them. Since Barbarians have more hitpoints than Archers, they can be used as a good distraction while your Wizards, Archers, or Valkyrie take out them out. Experienced COC Barbarians attackers will also use them to swarm the Archer Queen and Barbarian King so that the Hero becomes distracted and susceptible.

Barbarian Defense Strategy

Nobody really thinks about defending from Barbarians when they are designing their base, it is more about air attacks, Hogs, “Gowipe,” “Gowiwi,” etc.. However, if you were to build a base that is safe from those little blonde buff men you should probably have lots of different sections. This would be good because Barbarians are very weak and would never be able to break through the walls. Another Barbarian defensive strategy you can use is to spread everything out as much as possible. Since Barbarians are pretty slow and do dish out a lot of damage per second, it is very unlikely they will be able to make it around your entire base. There is a very good chance that they will be taken out by Giant Bombs, Spring Traps, Mortars, and Wizard Towers.

Barbarian Training Cost 

Along with Minions, Barbarians are the cheapest troop to build. Ranging from 25 to 250 Elixir each, you can build an entire army for practically nothing; that is why Barbarians are such a good troop when it comes to farming, even if you are farming for Elixir. When you are running low on Elixir Barbarians can really save the day, because with the last few thousand of Elixir you have you can build enough Barbs to poach some exposed resource collectors. Compared to other more expensive troops like Pekkas or even Giants, Barbarians are very affordable. If you use them correctly they can be crucial in your farming efforts.

Barbarians Housing Space

Barbarians are as light as they are affordable, meaning they take up close to nothing when it comes to housing space, just 1 spot. Since Barbarians are not exactly a war troop, to say the least, anything more than 1 would be outlandish and nobody would use them. Sometime within the next 2-3 updates it is likely Barbarians will see a small boost in damage per second. This will even out the game a bit so that more people can use Barbarians on a regular basis. They work great for “Barching” and as a distraction, but to be able to use them in a powerful swarm would be awesome, but at the moment they do not dish out enough damage to make that possible.

Clash of Clans Barbarians Main Points

  • Use them as a distraction so that Archers, Wizards, Valkyries, and Pekkas can do some real damage
  • Use Barbarians to draw out Clan Castle troops and to distract them
  • If you are going to use a spell with a swarm of Barbarians, go with the Heal Spell over Rage Spell
  • Try deploying Barbarians by your King so that when you use his ability you can enrage more than just the Barbarians he lets out
  • If somebody says “any” or “anything” on their CC request, go with Archers over Barbarians
  • Do not use Barbarians in war unless you are drawing CC troops, using them to pick off units that are in a dead zone, or killing Clan Castle troops
  • If you want to build a lot of Barbarians to attack a base, either spread them out all along the perimeter, or concentrate them in one spot while you use Rage and Heal Spells on them
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