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Clash of Clans Dragons – Tips, Stats, and Levels


Clash of Clans Dragon Basic Information, Stats, and Levels  

Dragons are the most dominate air troop in the entire game. With their massive amount of hitpoints and punishing fire breath, Dragons have the power to make any attack a successful one. If Dragons have a weakness it is definitely their speed, but the fact they can fly over walls makes up for that for the most part. Another weakness with Dragons is that they are hard to control; sometimes there is just no knowing where they will go next. Ultimately, Dragons are used mainly by Town Hall 8’s, but master COC air attackers know how to utilize Dragons, and after the release of Level 5 Dragons they have really picked up popularity as the most widely used Clan Castle unit along with Lava Hounds.

1 140 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 210 1900
2 160 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 240 2100
3 180 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 270 2300








1 attack per 1.5 seconds


1 attack per 1.5 seconds









Level Training Cost Upgrade Cost Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 25,000 None None 7
2 30,000 2,000,000 5 7
3 36,000 3,000,000 6 8


42,000 7,000,000 8 10


48,000 8,000,000 8 10

COC Dragon Attack Strategy

The best attack strategies for Dragons involve Balloons, Minions, Lava Hounds, or just all Dragons; it really depends on what level your troops are and what you are looking to accomplish. If you are trying to go for 3 star war attacks, it is probably only going to work if you are a Town Hall 8 or if you are attacking much lower. Dragon attacks for Town Hall 9 and 10’s are very tough to squeeze 3 stars out of, but if done right it can be a very sure way to get a solid 2.

There are a few different Dragon attack nicknames you will hear in your chat:

  • Dragaloon – Dragons and Balloons
  • Draghound – Dragons and Lava Hounds
  • Draginion – Dragons and Minions

The most important aspects of attacking with Dragons are to spread them out and clear the perimeter of the base. Instead of just dropping your dragons in one place, spread them out and drop only a few at first so you can clear out the outside buildings, otherwise they are going to go rogue and never make it to the middle.

There are lots of different ways you cam supplement Dragons, these are just a few of the best:

  • Deploy your Heroes first to take out as many Air Defenses and defenses as you can, and then deploy your Dragons as they are dying off.
  • Bring all Dragons with 10-30 Minions. First, deploy your Drags so that you are clearing out the outside of the base and spreading them out so that they go to the middle. Once they clear out buildings and defenses for 30-90 seconds, deploy your Minions so they can clean the damage and help destroy the base in an air trap free environment.
  • Bring 5-15 Balloons with your Dragons. There are many ways you can deploy this combo, but just as long as you are attacking different sections of the base and targeting the Air Defenses you should be good.
  • Build 2-4 Lava Hounds to take with you into battle. By deploying your Hounds first by the Air Defenses, your Dragons will have lots of free time to do some massive damage to the enemy base.

Using ground troops with Dragons can be good if you know how to do it correctly, but usually you want to make a decision and go with all ground or all air troops. Hog Riders can be an interesting ground troops to pair with Dragons, because if you do it right there will not be enough defenses left to destroy the high hitpoint Dragons. Like always, practicing is key to becoming a master Clash of Clans Dragon attacker.

Clash of Clans Dragon

COC Dragons

Deploying Dragons Safely

 Like mentioned above, the trick to safe Dragon deployment is keeping as much control as possible and not letting them fly loose around the outside of the base. In order to do this you need to deploy 1 Dragon on one side of a flat wall, and 1 Dragon on the other side of the flat wall. This will create a perimeter for the Dragons by taking out the outside buildings, that way you can then drop them in the middle going across in a line so that stay strait and attack as much of the base as possible as they start to penetrate. Try to drip them out as slow as possible without taking too long, because if you can minimize the damage done by any air traps that could buy you the extra seconds you might need to get in that last breath of fire on an Air Defense or Archer Tower. Lastly, try to either avoid the Air Defenses or attack strait into them with Rage and Heal Spells.

Dragons for Farming 

Using Dragons for farming attacks is not going to make you a millionaire in COC resources anytime soon. Not only will they cost you lots of Elixir, but they take a very long to build – 30 minutes – and will make it difficult for you to do a lot of attacks within a couple hours. Ideally you should be able to build an entire farming army in 20-30 minutes, so waiting a half hour just for your Dragons is going to set you back. If you are willing to wait, just make sure you are looking for bases with LOTS of resources to make it worth your while. Also, since you are spending so much resources and time on your Dragons, try to supplement with quick cheap troops like Minions or Archers.

Dragons for War Armies

Dragons are definitely a war troop. With their massive amount of hitpoints, powerful fire damage, and ability to fly over walls Dragons are very versatile and able to do lots of damage. ON the other hand, if you are going for 3 stars, which you always should be, it could be a bit difficult. Since Dragons are very hard to control, it could end up that your Dragons stray away from your spells and sit there getting pounded by Air Defenses. Also, if you run into any big air traps it could wipe out your Dragons very quickly and make it difficult for you to recover.

To avoid some of the pitfalls that will prohibit you from getting 3 star attacks, you want to make sure to remember a couple things. First of all, pay attention to the Dragon deployment tips above and make sure you are spreading your Dragons out and dropping the slowly so that they do not get lost around the outside of the base. Secondly, make sure you are doing a good job selecting which other troops you bring with you and how you deploy them. If you have maxed out Balloons than it is an easy choice, but you may also want to consider brings Minions as well along with Hog Riders to help destroy as many Air Defenses as possible.

Dragons and the Rage Spell

Dragons with Rage Spells are like peanut butter and jelly, they just go together perfectly. Not only do Rage spells help Dragons be able to destroy buildings in 1 or 2 breaths, but they allow them to move around the base very quickly. Some COC Dragon attackers like to use Heal spells, but they really don’t have the same amount of impact that Rage Spells do. However, something that does work is bringing 1 or maybe 2 Heal Spells with you along with the 2-3 Rage Spells (depending on what level your Spell Factory is). This will allow you to make some very important Drags last a little longer and give them those extra breaths needed to destroy that Town Hall or Air Defense. Like always, make sure you are dropping your spells in front of the Dragons so that they are barely in it; try your best to predict their path.

Dragons as a Clan Castle Unit

Ever since the update that released Level 5 Dragons, they have become the most popular Clan Castle troops to have in your War CC. Lava Hounds are popular too, but Dragons are definitely the favorite among the best clans in the world. Not only are they able to get to the troops quickly, but when they get there they are very hard to destroy and dish out massive amounts of damage as they slowly dwindle. Poison spells speed up the process, but even with Poison they will remain there for a long time.

Dragons are also very good to use in your Clan Castles for offensive attacks. They are a great troop to even match a CC Dragon with, because if you place a Rage Spell over that situation and combine it with some Wizards it will definitely get you off to a great start in that attack. Not to mention, donating Dragons, especiallhy high level 4 or 5 Dragons, will get you lots of donations and respect points with your clan mates.

Dragons Offensive Strategy

 The main offensive strategy for Dragons that you should be using is to spread them far apart a drop them out almost one at a time. Start with the corners and work your way inward to ensure that they create a nice even blanket across an entire flat side of the defense. This will make it easy for you to drop your Rage Spells in front of the Dragons and allow as many as possible to be within the radius without being clumped together and vulnerable to air traps. This key placement along with the perfect timing of deploying your spells and other troops are the factors that will make your Clash of Clans Dragon attacks successful.

Dragon Defense Strategy 

Defending from Dragons is pretty simple – upgrade your Air Defenses, upgrade your air traps, place your air traps by your Air Defenses and around your Town Hall, and spread your Air Defenses and Archer Towers apart so that they can not be destroyed easily.

Dragon Training Cost 

The training cost for Dragons is hefty yet warranted, because they are one of the most powerful and sturdy troops in the entire game. If you are attacking for war or trophies then it is definitely worth it to spend your Elixir, but if it is just a farming attack you may want to practice using troops that are cheaper and easier to make. Compared to other troops Dragons seem very expensive, but if you consider how many more health points they have and damage per second they dish out then you will see there is a reason for it.

Dragons Housing Space

With 20 spaces taken up, Dragons have a very large presence in your Barracks. Only the P.E.K.K.A., Golem, and Lava Hound are heavier. The big difference between all of these troops is the fact that Dragons fly AND are able to put a beating on the defense and the defensive CC troops. If you practice a lot than you will be able to Dragon Clash of Clans player to death no matter what type of base they have.

Clash of Clans Dragons Main Points

  • Deploy 1 Dragon on the each corner of a long flat wall. After the Dragon destroys that building start spreading them out in between those corner Drags.
  • Bring all Rage Spells with you. IF you are going to use Heal then just make sure to only bring 1 or 2.
  • Build Balloons, Minions, Lava Hounds, or Hog Riders and Wizards with Dragons.
  • Dragons are best used for big and expensive war or trophy attacks, don’t waste your time farming with them.
  • In order to prevent your base from being 3 stared or 2 stared, and to also hold on to your resources, then try requesting Dragons for your Clan Castle
  • Use Dragons in your War Clan Castle. That is the best troop to use hands down.
  • It is not recommended to use all Dragon attacks in war unless you are a Town Hall 8 attacking Town Hall 8’s or lower. Otherwise it is better to use Hogs or “Gowipe” or “Gowiwi” or “Lavaloon” or one of the many others.
  • Donate Dragons to other Clan Castles and become a hero to your clan mates.
  • The best Clash of Clans Dragon attackers save at least 1-3 Dragons until the end to deploy on the backside of the defense.
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