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Clash of Clans Giants – Tips, Stats & Levels


Clash of Clans Giant Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

Giants are one of the most important troops in the entire game, and this is because of the massive amount of hitpoints they have. Not only does it take forever to kill a Giant, but they can also deliver a powerful punch. The best part of all is that their powerful punch is aimed towards defenses first. This means Giants will target defenses first before any other building/unit, clearing the area out for your other troops while they provide protection in the form of distraction. If you could choose just two troops to upgrade in the entire game, Archers and Giants should be at the top of your list. When combined, Giants and Archers can make up one of the most efficient and effective attack strategies in the game. Level 1 Giants can be a little weak, but when you finally get to Level 7 and you see those black spikes on their back you will be one a very happy clasher. Then again, it all depends on where you are in the game specifically.

1 11 1 attack per 2 seconds 22 300
2 14 1 attack per 2 seconds 28 360
3 19 1 attack per 2 seconds 38 430
4 24 1 attack per 2 seconds 48 520
5 31 1 attack per 2 seconds 62 670
6 43 1 attack per 2 seconds 86 940



7 50 1 attack per 2


100 1100




Level Training Cost Upgrade Cost Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 500 None None 2
2 1000 100,000 2 4
3 1500 250,000 4 6
4 2000 750,000 5 7
5 2500 2,250,000 6 8
6 3000 6,000,000 7 9
7 3500 8,000,000 7 10
Clash of Clans Giant

COC Giants

COC Giant Attack Strategy

COC Giant attack strategies always involve using Giants as a shield for other troops. In order to become a master Clash of Clans Giant attacker you need to keep a few things in mind. The most important thing to remember is to not drop all of your Giants at once, this will put you at risk of getting your Giants thrown out of the battle by way of Spring Trap. Next, you want to make sure that you have the proper troops to pair with. The most popular troops to pair with Giants are Archers, Wall Breakers, Goblins, Wizards, and Barbarians. Wall Breakers could very well be the most important supplemental troop to the Giant, because without Wall Breakers Giants would not be able to make it too deep into the enemy base. They have a pretty decent same per second, but not enough to make it through multiple layers of walls without dying.

Archers and Wizards are good to pair with Giants because they will destroy all of the resource units and other buildings while your Giants take out the defensive units and also distract them from your other troops. Goblins come into play for obvious reasons – to take out the resource units and to speed up the overall destruction pace for that battle. Make sure to keep an eye on the Giants to watch where they go, because you want to make sure to deploy your troops behind them so that they are well protected.

Clash of Clans Giant Attack Strategy

COC Giant Attacks

Deploying Giants Safely 

In order to deploy your Giants safely, the first thing you want to do is send just 1 or 2 of them in to set off any hidden traps hiding and waiting to take them out. Next, you can either use multiple fingers to stream them in, or use one finger as you slide back and forth so that they deploy evenly across an entire side of the base. It is probably better to go with the spread strategy when it comes to Giant deployment, because that is really going to help distract as many defensive units as possible. Another key factor to remember with Giant deployment is volume, you need to make sure you have enough Giants to actually accomplish what you have in mind, whatever that may be. If you are trying to get to the center of the base for a Dark Elixir score or Town Hall attack, then you are going to need at least 10-15+ Giants depending on what level they are and what level your opponents’ walls and defenses are.  If there is a portion of the enemy base that has a high concentration of defensive units, you might want to start there so that you can take out the strongest part of the base first.

 Giants for Farming

Clash of Clans Giant attack masters definitely understand that Giants can be a very valuable asset when it comes to farming for Elixir and Gold. Not only do they provide good protection for your Archers, Wizards, Valkyries, etc. to sit back and destroy the resource buildings, but they also destroy the defensive units at the same time to help clear the base for your other troops, and perhaps Goblins, to run free and finish it off. You can even replace Barbarians in your “Barching” attacks incase your Barbs are weak or if you just want to do more damage to the enemy base. Giants do cost a pretty penny compared to Barbarians, so if you are going to replace them make sure you are spreading them out and using them wisely. Scout lots of bases until you find one within your attack level that has LOTS of resources, then identify where the majority of their resources are kept.

Giants for War Armies

Depending on your clan rules for war you may or may not be allowed to use Giants. If used properly, Giants can actually substitute Golems for the main protection troop in war battles. You could argue that using 6 Giants instead of 1 Golem for war is better because they do way more damage than Golems, however, you can also argue that Golems have way more hitpoints so for that reason you should always use them. When it comes down to it, it really depends on your specific attack strategy and on the other troops you are bringing to war with you. The best thing to do is to practice a lot and see which mix is working best for you. The biggest problem with using Giant war attacks is that they can be catapulted out by Spring Traps. Golems don’t have that problem, yet they are much slower then Giants. There is not a clear answer here, you just really need to do some testing.

Giants and the Rage Spell

Giants might be the best troop in the entire game to use Rage Spells on. You will see them get bigger and just start to tear through the enemy base like nobody’s business. They get faster and stronger, and you can really notice the difference. Not only are they able to cover more ground and destroy a lot more defensive units, but they can also get through walls fairly easily. If the Giants are clumped up, they can get through walls especially fast. However, if they are spread out a bit and there are not a lot of Giants focusing on the same wall pieces it could take a while. The key with using Rage Spells with Giants is to drop it over the areas where they are facing the heaviest defenses; this will allow them to get through those quickly so they can continue on their destructive path and lead you to glory.

Giants as a Clan Castle Unit

Using Giants in your Clan Castle should only be done if you requested it specifically for farming or pushing for trophies. Even then, there are much better troops you can request: Pekkas, Dragons, Valkyries, Wizards, etc.. The only reason you should request Giants is if you do not have maxed out Level 7 Giants and you need to borrow some. Giants for CC defense are not that great because they are so slow and they can only attack ground troops. Your best bet is using them for offense and dropping them early so that you can add some additional protection for your attack.

Giants Offensive Strategy

Clash of Clans offensive strategies for Giants should always include using them as protection for other troops. However, in using them for protection you can also do some major damage to the base you are attacking, so you want to make sure to use them right and maximize what they can do for you.

After you deploy your Giants, drop some Wall Breakers so that the Giants can enter the base. After that you want to deploy some type of high damage troop to clear the outside perimeter of the base of all buildings, this will allow the other troops you deploy after this to go directly into the center of the base. Now it is time to drop a Rage Spell and/or Heal Spell over the pack, just try to lead them into it or make sure that as many of your other troops as possible are within the radius. These steps are key in most offensive strategies for Giants.

Giant Defense Strategy

Defending against Giants is something you should think about, because they are a very popular troop to use. One of the best ways to kill Giants is to place your Spring Traps in the best way possible. Since Giants clump up and gather around Defensive units, you will want to place the Spring Traps behind certain ones so that you will spring as many of them as possible when they are trying to move on to the next defensive unit. Another strategy you can go with to defend from Giants is to create skinny pathways littered with traps that lead to a defensive unit at the end. Since the Giants prefer defense destruction and will always attack the closest and/or most accessible building, they will walk down the path to get to the open defense instead of trying to break through walls to get to the closest one. This will be true about 90% of the time. Like defending against any other troop, you will also want to upgrade your walls to keep the Giants from making their way around your base freely.

Giant Training Cost 

Giants can cost anywhere from 500 to 3,500 Elixir, so they are not going to be saving you any money by using them to say the least. However, Giants are well worth the thousands of Elixir you have to spend on them to use them correctly in battle. They have so many hitpoints that they can account for the equivalent of about 20-25 Archers depending on levels. That basically means that you can buy yourself about 30 seconds worth of pure damage free attack time for your other troops. A Clash of Clan Giant is a monster, a beast, a legend, and they will always be built no matter how much they cost, as long as they remain as burley as they are.

Goblins Housing Space

Considering the impact that high level Giants can have, they do not take up much housing space with only 5 spaces. Giants could easily be worth 6-10 units and still be a valuable troop worth building. They would definitely be used less, but they would for sure still get built. Golems are very big and take up 30 spaces in your Army Camps and cost 45 min to build, so 2 minute Giants that only take up 5 spaces seem like a breeze. Just don’t build too many because you want to make sure to leave room for other high damage troops that target other buildings besides for defense units. If you plan on getting 100% destruction with Giants only, you are going to need to fill your base and bring lots of Heal and Rage Spells.

Clash of Clans Giants Main Points

  • Don’t drop your Giants all at once, spread out the delivery so that your entire crew does not get tossed by Spring Traps and riddled with Bombs.
  • All spells work well with Giants – Heal, Rage, Freeze, Jump, Haste, and Earthquake
  • Use your Giants as a shield for other higher fire power troops
  • Don’t use Giants in war unless you prove to yourself and clan mates that you can use them better than Golems.
  • In order to carry out Giant attacks in the best way possible, make sure you are bringing at least 10-15+ depending on your level in the game.
  • If the enemy Clan Castle radius expands to the outside part of the perimeter wall, you can use a Giant to draw out the CC troops. Their high hitpoint amount makes them ideal for this task.
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