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Clash of Clans Minions – Stats, Strategies, and Tips


Clash of Clans Minions

Clash of Clans Minion Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

Since they are so cheap and quick to build, Minions are pretty much like the Archers or Barbarians of air attacks. They are able to fly just like Balloons, however, Minions are much faster and can reach all four corners of the base in very little time. The biggest issue with Minions is that they are weak. An entire swarm of Minions can be killed by just one Air Balloon, so you are really going to need to be careful when deploying them. Make sure to bring some heavy hitpoint troops along with them to clear the path of air traps. Most of the time air attackers will not even use Minions, but ever since the last big update where Supercell created Level 7 Minions, they have really come back into style. When you attack with Minions Clash of Clans becomes a very fun game, because they are an incredibly fast and fun troop to watch attack.

1 35 1 attack per 1 second 35 55
2 38 1 attack per 1 second 38 60
3 42 1 attack per 1 second 42 66
4 46 1 attack per 1 second 46 72
5 50 1 attack per 1 second 50 78
6 54 1 attack per 1 second 54 84
7 57 1 attack per 1 second 57 90
Level Training Cost (Dark Elixir) Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir) Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 6 None None 7
2 7 10,000 5 7
3 8 20,000 6 8
4 9 30,000 6 8
5 10 40,000 7 9
6 11 100,000 8 10
7 12 140,000 9 11

COC Minion Attack Strategy

The best attack strategy for Minions that you can use is some sort of combination of Lava Hounds, Balloons, and/or Dragons. There are lots of videos you can check out on YouTube that teach you different air attacks with Minions, but the best thing you can do is practice a lot and figure out the best strategy on your own, everyone is different. The basic foundation you should always use is to have Lava Hounds or Dragons to use as protection. That way they can clear out the air traps and give your Minions some cover while they chew up everything in their path.

Another use for Minions is to use them in the blind spots in War, that way you can get some extra % points on the buildings that are only in range of Mortars, Cannons, or X-Bows set on ground. Doing some good war scouting can really go a long way., especially on Town Hall 10 and 11’s where every % point counts.

Deploying Minions Safely

In order to become a master Clash of Clans Minion attacker you will definitely need to learn how to deploy them. The key is dropping them behind Lava Hounds and Dragons, because they are going to pop off air traps and absorb all of the firepower the defense is dishing out. Space your Minions out by spreading them across an entire side of the base, and even on two sides so you can come from multiple directions. You do not want to clump them together because they can be too easily destroyed by Wizard Towers.

Minions for Farming

Minions are perfect for farming Elixir, and even Dark Elixir sometimes since they don’t cost that much. Not only are they very quick to build, but they are cheap even for Dark Elixir, so that means you can really get in a lot of attacks and score some large amounts of purple Elixir in not that much time. Since you are trying to gain resources and not go for stars in War, you should probably use Minions just like you would use Archers – pair them with Giants and Barbarians so that you can get lots of loot without spending lots of resources.

Minions for War Armies

For Minion War attacks, bring Lava Hounds, Dragons, or both! You are going to need all the protection you can get, especially since you know the enemy Clan Castle is going to be fully loaded. In order to get at least 2 stars you need to follow the basics below:

  • Draw CC troops and kill, unless you have 2 Poison Spells to kill during battle
  • Deploy Lava Hounds
  • Deploy Dragons
  • Drop Rage Spells
  • Deploy Minions
  • Deploy more Rage or Heal
  • Deploy your Heroes either now or after step 3

Deploying your Minions last allows them to sit back, do damage, and flood the defense with lots of different troops. The flooding potential that Minions bring is really the best part about bringing them with you on your War air attacks. A COC Minion will not do much by itself, but with 20-30 buddies, Minions can really overwhelm an Archer Tower or X-Bow. Just make sure to spread them apart and deploy them correctly.

Minions and the Rage Spell

Minions and Rage Spells work hand in hand, forging together to create a powerful swarm of flying damage poopers that move quickly throughout the enemy base. Jut like with any other troop, you want to make sure to drop your Rage Spell in a spot that is leading the Minions and allowing the most time possible for them to hangout in the Rage radius. Heal Spells are not that great for Minions since they have very low health, however, Haste Spells can work quite nicely. They don’t make the Minions stronger, but they speed up the already fast Minion so they can do lots of damage.

Minions as a Clan Castle Unit

Minions in the Clan Castle can actually work quite nicely, but you should probably only use a few of them and mix in some sturdier troops. The reason why Minions work so well in the Clan Castle is because they move so quickly.

  • In COC, Minions are able to come out of the Clan Castle quickly and get to the attacking troops
  • Minions are fast and small, so that makes them very difficult to kill with Poison Spells
  • If you think the enemy War attackers are going to use Pekkas or other ground troops, then Minions can really come in handy since they cannot be touched.

If you are using lots of air attacks when farming and pushing for trophies, you can also add some good value to your attack by requesting for Minions in your Clan Castle. If those Minions are Level 6 or 7 than they are for sure going to have a nice impact on the battle…..that is if they don’t get taken out by hidden air traps.

Minion Offensive Strategy

Your offensive strategy for Minions should always include bigger heavier troops, otherwise they are going to get obliterated by traps and defensive units. Try to scout bases to pillage for loot or stars. The things to look for are:

  • Weak Air Defenses
  • Weak Wizard Towers
  • XBows set to ground only
  • Weak Archer Towers

If you can find a base with those characteristics then your Minions and other air troops are going to do great. In War it is a lot easier to scout since you have at least 24 hours for preparation, but in regular single-player attacks you need to do some very quick scanning. The very first things you scan are  Air Defenses (usually located in the center of the base or spread out amongst different regions of the base) and Archer Towers (spread throughout the base). That way you can try to avoid the units that do the most damage to Minions.

Minion Defense Strategy

The best defensive strategy for Minions is to keep on upgrading your Air Defenses, Archer Towers, X-Bows, Wizard Towers, and air traps. Also, spreading out your defensive units that can attack Minions will go a long way, that way the attacker can’t focus their troops on a certain part of the base and destroy all your Air Defenses. Try to figure out the places in your base where you think someone might try and deploy Minions, and hide your air traps all over those areas.  Master Clash of Clans Minion warriors will not be stopped by anything, but if you are able to put your Clan Castle in a place where they cannot draw troops out, and keep your Archer Queen far away from your Clan Castle and not next to any Air Defenses than you might deter a lot of them.

Minion Training Cost 

To a build a Minion Clash of Clans has made it very easy. They do not cost a lot of Dark Elixir, ranging from only 6-12. This makes it very easy to farm for Elixir, Dark Elixir, and Gold. You can even build lots of Minions to swarm attack since they build so quickly.

Minions Housing Space

Minions only take up 2 spaces in your Army Camps, which makes them a very economical troop. Compared to other air troops like Dragons, Hounds and Balloons. Minions are very light and can be built in high volume. A single air trap might take out your entire squad, but if you follow the directions above and use some Drags or Lava Hounds to spring the air traps than you should be able to do some good damage to whatever base you are attacking.

Clash of Clans Minions Main Points

  • Bring heavy troops like Dragons and Lava Hounds to deploy before the Minions so that you do not get killed by air traps
  • Focus on upgrading Balloons before Minions, they have a much bigger impact in air attacks
  • Spread out your Minions when you deploy them, never drop them in one spot. You can even spread them out across different areas of the base to distract as many defensive units as possible
  • The only spells you should use with Minions are Rage and Haste
  • If you see blind spots on a base when in war that are only covered by ground defenses, those Minions Clash of Clans makes so easy to build are the perfect option to earn those extra % points to get your to 50%
  • Minions are great when it comes to killing the Barbarian King. Since he cannot attack air troops, you can draw him out and kill him fairly quickly
  • When you use Rage and Haste, make sure to drop the spell in a place that allows the Minions to be within the sweet spot for as long as possible. Try to predict where they are going and drop it so they are in the back of it and can move to the front


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