Clash of Clans Goblin

Clash of Clans Goblins – Tips, Stats, and Levels


Clash of Clans Goblin Basic Information, Stats, and Levels 

Goblins are the only troop in the entire game that targets resources, and that makes them very special. Not only do they go after Elixir. Dark Elixir, and Gold Storages first, but they even do 2x the damage per second on resource units then they do on non-resource units. Goblins are very quick and dish out a good amount of damage per second, but they have very low hitpoints and are easily susceptible to hidden traps. Goblins are most commonly paired with Giants, Archers, and Wizards, but sometimes you will see huge swarms of Goblins protected by just a few Giants or Golems.

1 11 1 attack per second 11 25
2 14 1 attack per second 14 30
3 19 1 attack per second 19 36
4 24 1 attack per second 24 43
5 32 1 attack per second 32 52
6 42 1 attack per second 42 68
Level Training Cost Upgrade Cost Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 25 None None 1
2 40 50,000 1 3
3 60 250,000 3 5
4 80 750,000 5 7
5 100 2,250,000 6 8
6 150 4,500,000 8 10
Clash of Clans Goblin

COC Goblins

COC Goblin Attack Strategy

The most important part of all Goblin attack strategies is to do lots of scouting. If you don’t makes sure that your attacking a base with huge amounts of Elixir, Dark Elixir, and/or Gold, then you are wasting your time. Ideally you should be looking for bases that have the majority of their resources still in the collectors and drills. That will make it very easy for you to “Barch” or just snipe them off some how. If most of the resources are in the storages, then most likely you are going to need to get to the center of the base to get to it, and that means you need to take a good combo of troops with you.

Since “Barching” strategies focus on taking out the resource collectors and drills outside of the enemy base, it can only get you so far. The best troops to get your Goblins to the center of the base are Giants, Archers, Wizards, Wall Breakers and Healers. You can definitely mix in some Minions, Golems or other dark troops, but for the most part this classic bunch will do the trick for you. You will also want to build up on spells, so make sure to have some ready just in case you come across the mother load.

You want to start by deploying your Giants, this will distract the enemy defenses while you deploy your Wall Breakers. After the outside perimeter is opened up you want to deploy your Archers so that they are spread out across the entire area/flat you are attacking from. That will clear the outside of the base so that all other troops you deploy from that second don’t get distracted and wonder off.  Now is the time you want to drop a Rage or Heal Spell over your Giants and even over the Archers if possible. Let the battle ensue for a few seconds, and then deploy your Goblins! Waiting until all of these steps are completed will ensure that your Goblins will do as much damage as possible.  When it comes to the Wizards you may or may not have, you can drop them before or after the Goblins, just make sure you spread them out so they can clean up. You can even drop a Rage Spell over them to make sure they absolutely destroy everything.

Deploying Goblins Safely 

One of the most important things to remember if you are trying to become a master COC Goblin attacker is to clear the area of hidden traps. Giant Bombs and Skeleton Traps can ruin your day, so don’t deploy any Goblins until you have dropped some Giants, Golems, Archers, and/or Wizards in the area first. There are a few different ways you can physically deploy them when it comes to how your finger/s hit the screen:

  • 1 finger hold down: this will create a powerful stream of Goblins that will destroy any structure within seconds. The only downside is that they can be killed easily by splash damage and Giant Bombs.
  • 2 finger hold down: this will create two streams of Goblins, that way you are not putting your eggs all in one basket. Also, you can cover more ground and possibly take out multiple collectors or storages at once. You still face the risk of a Goblin genocide by way of Giant Bomb or splash damage.
  • 1,2, or 3 finger spread: this will deploy LOTS of Golems at once, and that could be the best option if you have 40+ Goblins ready to eat up enemy resources.

Just make sure you are deploying Golems when the enemy defenses are distracted. Barbarians can even be a good distraction, they could even work better than Giants sometimes since they can swarm the defense and completely takeover.

Goblins for Farming

 The digital Gods at Supercell created the Clash of Clans Goblin for farming, just farming! This means that Goblins should always be in your Farming Army. Goblins can even hold their own within the “barching” strategy; just substitute some Barbarians and Archers for Goblins instead. With Goblins COC Farming seems so much easier, and that’s because they do 2x the damage on resource units – collectors and storages. When the Goblins finally lock on the target, they move their little arms back and forth and they take it out very quickly. Another really good thing about using Goblins for Farming is their quickness. Goblins are able to speed around and get to lots of different resource collectors and storages. One of the best feelings in the game is seeing your Goblins take out the last resource structure and see them move on to the defenses or buildings. They don’t do as much damage to those as they do to resources, but they sure do take them out quickly and make their way around the base in a flash.

Goblins for War Armies

 Goblins are probably the undeniable winner of the worst troop for war award. Using Goblins in a war attack is unheard of and might possibly get you kicked from your clan. The only possible use for them would be to draw out the CC since they can get up close the walls, but you should instead use Giants for that.

Goblins and the Rage Spell

A COC Goblin can be one of the most fun troops in the game when they are enraged. In order to really justify the use of a Rage Spell with Goblins, you should make at least 40-60+ Goblins depending on how big your Army Camps are. Use all of the same Goblin attack strategies that you would use if you didn’t have any spells, and just look for the perfect moment to drop your Rage Spell. When you do, make sure you are putting it in a place that is going to be ahead of the Golems, that way they can stay within the activated area for as long as possible. Also, just like you would do with any other troop, you can always use the Rage Spell on Golems when they are approaching a building with lots of hitpoints, such as the Town Hall, Clan Castle, X-Bow, etc..

Goblins as a Clan Castle Unit

Goblins should not be in your Clan Castle. Not for war, not for farming, not for luring, not for defense, not for anything. End of story.

Goblins Offensive Strategy 

Your offensive strategies for Goblins should always involve the following elements:

  • A distraction troop: always use Giants, Golems, Valkyries, Lava Hounds or even Barbarians to make the enemy defenses lock on to them instead of your precious loot eating Goblins
  • Good deployment: make sure you are using the best Goblin deployment strategy possible for your attacks. This can be decided by the device you use (phone or tablet), the mix of troops you have, the layout of the enemy base, and how many Goblins you have to deploy.
  • Spells: Use Rage Spells, Heal Spells, Jump Spells, and Freeze Spells with your Gobs. So, pretty much they are great with spells!

If you follow the above suggestions you should be in good shape with your Goblin attacks. They are probably not the most important troop to upgrade out of all of the different ones in the mix, but if you can try to get them to at least level 5 as quick as possible. That is really where they start doing some good work.

Goblin Defense Strategy

Let’s face it, you do not really have to think about defending your base from Goblins. The best Goblin defense is a good anti-farming defense. Keep your storages either separated or well protected in the middle of the base. If you keep them far away form one another in different sections of your base, it will make it very difficult for the attacker to get to all of them, and that means you are not going to get completely pillaged. Keeping them all together in the middle of your base is a good strategy as well, the only bad part is if they make to the sweet spot they are going to get everything. The most important thing you can do is stay active and make sure to transfer your resources from the collectors to the storages. Lastly, upgrading your walls to at least level 7 should keep them mitigated for the most part.

Goblin Training Cost 

Ranging from 25-150 elixir to build, Goblins are very affordable. They do take longer than Archers to build, but they pack a good punch so it is worth waiting the extra seconds. Compared to heavier troops that take forever to make, Goblins can be built very quickly. You can pump out 40-50+ in no time. It is also good they are so affordable because they are one of the main troops used to farm. If they were expensive that would kind of defeat the purpose.

Goblins Housing Space

Goblins only take up 1 spot in your Army Camps, so nobody is going to complain about the housing space for Goblins. Whether you want to bring 10 just to pack some extra power with the resource structures or 40-50 to swarm the enemy base, they are not going to cramp your style too much. With Goblins, there is always room to build lots of other troops.

Clash of Clans Goblins Main Points

  • Bring heavier troops to battle with you so that the enemy defenses will be distracted.
  • Make sure to set off hidden traps before you deploy your Goblins.
  • Depending on the base and your attack preferences, figure out how you want to actually deploy them – 1 finger, 2 finger, 3 finger, or spread them with one.
  • Use Rage Spells and Heal Spells with them to make them last and maximize the amount of damage they can do.
  • Do not use Goblins in your CC for any reason whatsoever, and do not donate them to other CC’s.
  • Use Goblins for farming attacks only, you will really have to be a Clash of Clans Goblin master attacker if you are going to try and use them for stars.
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