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Clash of Clans Healers – Tips, Stats & Levels


Clash of Clans Healer Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

Healers are one of the most underrated troops in the entire game. They are very unique in the sense that they are one of the only troops that heals other troops, and cannot cause any damage whatsoever. The biggest downsides of Healers are that they are a bit expensive to build and they take a long time to make. Still, if used in the right way Healers can take your farming attacks to the next level. They are not traditionally used for war but it is not impossible, but when it comes down to it they are really made for farming and trophy pushing. Just remember, if your Healers are not upgraded to the same level as your other troops you are trying to heal, they are not going to do much. Also, COC Healers do not really work on all troops, so make sure to read the Healer strategies below. 

1 35 1 attack per .75 seconds 25 500
2 42 1 attack per .75 seconds 39 600
3 55 1 attack per .75 seconds 39 840
4 77 1 attack per .75 seconds 50 1176
Level Training Cost Upgrade Cost Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 5000 None None 6
2 6000 750,000 5 7
3 8000 1,500,000 6 8
4 10000 3,000,000 7 9

COC Healer Attack Strategy

Attacking with Healers is more of an art than brut force. Not only do you have to put a lot of thought into what troops you are going to heal, but you also have to get the timing just right. The best troops to use with Healers are Giants, Valkyries, Pekkas, and Heroes. They are the best because they have lots of hitpoints. Any troop that does not have that many hitpoints is going to die quicker than they can be healed.

In order to get the best possible results the first thing you need to do is scout the base. Try to find a point of entry that does not lead you directly into the Air Defenses, and if not, try to find a base where the Air Defenses are close to the perimeter and easy to destroy. If you can destroy 1 or 2 Air Defenses before your Healers are even deployed, than you are going to see your bigger troops make it all the way to the end of an amazing 3 star attack. Obviously, you should drop your bigger troops before your Healers, so don’t make the dumb mistake of deploying them first.

Clash of Clans Healer

COC Healers

Deploying Healers Safely

Good Healer deployment is going to be the difference in them being a waste of housing space and actually having a good effect on the battle. One of the big decisions you will need to make is whether or not to clump your big troops (Giants, Valks, Pekkas, Heroes) or spread them apart. If you clump them together you need to deploy your Healers pretty much all in the same spot right behind them. You can spread them out a little bit in order to maybe get different sections of your other troops, but for the most part you do want them clumped. The other method you can go with is spreading out your big troops to target different sections of the enemy base you are attacking. If you go with the spread method, than you should deploy one Healer for each clump or individual heavy troop that you drop.

For good measure you should also deploy a line of Archers or Wizards across the outside perimeter of the base. That will help provide some protection and backup for your Healers while they clear out the base way quicker. Also, bring some Wall Breakers with you so that your heavier big troops will be able to penetrate deep into the base. Luckily Air Traps are not triggered by Healers anymore, so don’t worry about that.

Healers for Farming

If Healers are going to be used at all, 9/10 times it should be for farming. It might seem like they cost too much and take too long to build, but after you practice your Healer attacks and really learn how to execute them you will discover that Healers can be a great way to maximize your Giants (the main troop you should use for farming along with Barbarians, Wall Breakers, Archers, and maybe Wizards.

There are a variety of different troop combos you can use and it does depend on how much room you have in your Army Camps, but for the most part you want to stick with 1-4 Healers, and 10-25 Giants. Playing around with different combinations will really help you find your favorite mix. It is definitely smart to bring spells with you, and with Healers the Rage Spell works the best.

Healers for War Armies

Healers were created mainly for farming purposes. However, if you master a technique known as the “Queen Walk,” then you are going to be able to accomplish some 3 star attacks that will earn you good respect on your clan. The key here is having a high enough level Hero where this attack strategy will actually work. There is not a specific level Hero you need to have, it just all depends on the base you are attacking and with what troops at what level. Just make sure you at least have access to the Archer Queen’s ability (Level 5), because without that you do not stand a chance to see that AQ strut her stuff.

It might sound weird, but what you need to do is deploy your Archer Queen before any other troop. Try to aim for an Air Defense, Archer Tower, or some other type of defensive unit that is good at taking out air troops, that way you will be able to take over the base much quicker. Immediately you should deploy your Healers, or at least some of them until you destroy at least 1 or two more Air Defenses. After the Archer Queen destroys stuff for about 15-45 seconds (preference), you want to deploy the rest of your troops. The other troops that you should bring with you for the “Queen Walk”  include Hogs and Golems, or Golems with Pekkas and Witches. Those combos will allow you to 3 star the base. The goal is for a lot of the defenses to be distracted by the Archer Queen while your other troops do damage, and then for your other troops to destroy lots of defensive units and allow time for the Healers to do their job on the AQ.

Healers and the Rage Spell

There are definitely better troops to use your precious spells on, but if you are going to use any spells on your Healers then the Rage Spell is the one to go with. If your Healers are doing their job and focusing on some strong high hitpoint troops, then the Rage Spell might actually do some good work and really boost up the strength of the magical Healer glow so that they can get a quick and big burst of health. Using the Heal Spell on Healers is not suggested, might Haste Spells might actually do some good as well. Hast Spells only take up 1 unit in your Spell Factory, so it could be a good way to speed up and increase the amount of heal power your flying white COC Healers could have.

Healers as a Clan Castle Unit

Healers do the weirdest thing ever if you use them in your Clan Castle for defense, they actually heal the buildings. That’s right, as the enemy troops attack your base the Healers hover over your buildings and defensive units and replenish them as they are attacked. This is cool, but it is not the most effective troop to put in your Clan Castle. Having Healers in your Clan Castle for offense is a bit better if you use them on the right heavy troops, but they are still not the strongest choice.

Healers Offensive Strategy

The main offensive strategy and attack strategy for Healers that you want to use is to just replenish the health of your powerful high hitpoint troops and/or Heroes. If done correctly, your Healers will hover above their intended patient and just replenish them as they crawl through the enemy base, destroying everything in their path. To really help your Healers do their job, try to deploy some Minions or Balloons to help take on some of the fire power from the Air Defenses and Archer Towers. That way your Healers can survive through all of the madness and be there when your bigger troops need them the most.

Healer Defense Strategy

To defend from a good Clash of Clans Healer user, the best thing to do is keep upgrading your Air Defenses and Archer Towers. They are the best counter to high level Healers. When it comes down to it, Healers do have a lot of hitpoints so even if they are not doing that much when it comes to healing or damage, they are distracting your defensive units from killer other troops. Make sure to spread your Air Defenses and Archer Towers far apart from one another so that they cannot be all easily destroyed. Lastly, don’t just spread them apart but also try to keep them within the interior of your base, that way they won’t be picked off from the perimeter.

Healer Training Cost 

The training cost for Healers will probably be on the decline, because they are currentl under utilized by most clashers due to their cost and building time. If they only took 5-7 minutes to build they might be worth the high cost,, and if they were about 30-65% cheaper they would be more worth the wait. However, with the current ratios COC Healers are a bit pricey and not worth it. On the other hand, if you use them correctly they can payoff big time, because they can really stretch out the life of some troops and perhaps give you the push you need in order to get to the middle of your target base for the mother load of Gold and other resources.

Healers Housing Space

The housing space for Healers could be much better, however, they take up as much space as they do because their hitpoint capacity is quite high. Overall, Healers are just a weird troop that makes sense for some clashers and not for others. 14 is a lot for one troop, especially one that does not do any damage, well, directly that is. Healers would be much more appetizing at 10 housing space units or less. Hopefully over the years we see some updates that go in that direction.

Clash of Clans Healers Main Points

  • Use them with high hitpoint heavy troops only, that way they actually have the capacity to be healed. Otherwise the troops are going to die quicker than they can be healed.
  • Backup your Healers with Archers, Wizards, and Valkyries so that they can help destroy the defensive units and give your Healers the best chance to survive.
  • If you are going to use any spells with Healers, then go with Rage Spell or Hast Spell. If possible, make sure your Healers are focusing on a worthy target before you drop your spell/s.
  • Bring at least 2-4 Healers with you if you want them to have any type of affect on the battle whatsoever.
  • When you deploy your Healers try to spread them and place them behind each section of troops, bundle them up to control them and so they stay together for max heal power, or spread them apart so that they can come in from different angles.
  • Don’t use Healers in your Clan Castle for defense or offense, there are just stronger troops to go with. The only reason you should use Healers in the Clan Castle is if you do not have max Healers and you want to use a couple.
  • Try practicing your own version of the “Queen Walk” to see if that is a good war attack strategy for you.


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