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Clash of Clans Lava Hound – Stats, Strategy & Tips


Clash of Clans Lava Hound Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

The invention and release of Clash of Clans Lava Hounds has really changed the game. Not only are clashers crushing it with Hog attacks “Gowipe”/“Gowiwi” attacks, but they are not using air attacks with Lava Hounds. This is because Lava Hounds target Air Defenses and are able to get right to the middle of the base if that’s where the Air Defense units are placed. When done correctly, an air attack with Lava Hounds can destroy a base and 3 star it easily, even Town Hall 10’s. The best part about the Lava Hound is their hitpoint power, from 5,700 to 6,700 hitpoints depending on the level, they are a beastly troop that is very hard to kill. On top of that, when they are killed they produce 8-12 little Lava Pups that act just like Minions, and they are very fast. This causes the defense units that can attack air troops to become very distracted while the other air troops you brought to battle finish off the rest of the base. The biggest downside to Lava Hounds is that they are very weak in terms of damage per second, you will see that they take a long time to destroy just a single Air Defense.

1 10 1 attack per 2 seconds 20 5700
2 12 1 attack per 2 seconds 24 6200
3 14 1 attack per 2 seconds 28 6700
Level Training Cost (Dark Elixir) Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir) Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 390 None None 9
2 450 60,000 (10 Days) 7 9
3 510 70,000 (12 days) 8 10
Level Lava Pups Produced Lava Pup DPS Lava Pup Damage Per Hit Lava Pup Health
1 8 35 35 55
2 10 35 35 55
3 12 35 35 55
Clash of Clans Lava Hound

COC Lava Hounds

COC Lava Hound Attack Strategy

When it comes to attack strategies for Lava Hounds, there are few different ones you can use, so you really want to make sure to practice a lot and try as many different Lava Hound attack strategies as you can and see what works best for you. The most popular troops to pair with the Lava Hound are Minions, Balloons, and Golems. You will see Minions and/or Balloons paired with Lava Hounds 99% of the time, and Golems will come into play for certain attack strategies. The “Lagoloon” attack is probably the most popular one in the game right now, it includes 2-4 Lava Hounds, 1-2 Golems, and the rest Balloons.

To do a successful “Lagoloon” attack with Lava Hounds you just need to follow these steps:

  • Deploy your Golem/s to distract the defense. You might want to drop a Jump Spell so they can enter the base immediately, or perhaps a Rage Spell so they can get inside quickly.
  • The main goal you should have in mind with this first part of the attack is to take out at least one Air Defense, two if possible.
  • Now deploy your Heroes. The higher level Heroes you have, the better this strategy will work. If you do not have high level Heroes for your specific stage in the game, then you probably want to skip this entire first step.
  • As soon as your last Hero is about to die, you want to start deploying your air troops. The timing on this step will take some practice, the goal is to have just a little more distraction time from your last Hero, it is highly suggested you watch the Air Defenses. As soon as you know you have taken out all the Air Defenses as you can with the initial push it is time to deploy your air troops.
  • Your Lava Hounds should be the first air troop you deploy. Drop them in front of where the Air Defenses are so that they can have the most direct path to them. You can choose to smother one Air Defense with 2 Lava Hounds, or you can use the most popular method and use one Lava Hound per Air Defense. Once the Air Defenses and surrounding defenses are distracted it is time to deploy the Balloons.
  • There are lots of different ways to deploy your Balloons, but for the most part you want to just spread them out a little bit in each area where you took out the Air Defenses. It is best to save a few Balloons to drop behind the defense once they are focused on the main clump of Balloons. This will allow you to take out the remaining defensive units so that you can achieve your 3 star attack and see that 100% destruction message appear.
  • Your Rage Spells, or Heal Spells, should be saved and used to lead your main Balloon clumps into the heart of the defense. If you are using this Lava Hound attack strategy on a Town Hall 10 then you may want to bring 1 or 2 Freeze Spells with you to drop on the Inferno Towers as the main Balloon clumps approach them.

The most beautiful part of using Lava Hounds is the moment when they are killed and all of those shiny little Lava Pups explode out. This extra distraction ability, and extra damage ability for that matter, is really key and what truly makes Lava Hounds special.

Clash of Clans Lava Hound Pups

COC Lava Pups

Deploying Lava Hounds Safely

There is not really a safe way to deploy Lava Hounds. Deploying Lava Hounds in a way is supposed to be as reckless as possible, because they are meant to set off all of the air traps so they don’t go off on your Balloons. You just want to remember to deploy your Hounds as close to the targeted Air Defense/s as possible. This will minimize the time it takes for the Hound to reach it, that way it can spend as much time possible trying to destroy it before they get killed and explode into little Lava Hound Pups. If you are planning on sending more than 1 Lava Hound to the same Air Defense, then it is a good idea to spread out your Lava hound deployment timing wise, that way any air traps that are in that path get setoff on the first one only. Another little trick you can use when deploying Lava Hounds is to deploy only some of them on the direct path to the Air Defense. This is contradictory to what is mentioned above, however, this could help you set off more air traps and also uncover some additional Hidden Teslas that you never would have if you dropped them right in front of the Air Defenses. This happens because clashers usually plan out where you might deploy your Hounds, so by doing the opposite of what they expect you can hopefully outthink them and get an extra edge.

Lava Hounds for Farming

If you are trying to gather up Gold and/or purple Elixir rather than Dark Elixir, then farming with Lava Hounds could pay off. It is going to get quite costly in DE to use a lot of these attacks, but if paired with Minions or Balloons you can easily do some 2 or 3 starring and pick up lots of Loot. Especially if you target specific areas of the enemy base that you know are weak.

The biggest problem with using a Lava Hound for Farming is the time it takes to build them. With a 45 minute build time you are not going to be doing many attacks. So, that means you need to spend a lot of time, and possibly a lot of Gold, to search around for a base that has a lot of the type of resource you’re looking for while at the same time being easy enough for you to actually get to it. You know how many times that you see a base with an insane amount of resources that you know you can’t touch, so just make sure you do not get too aggressive and squander the precious Lava Hounds that you built.

Lava Hounds for War Armies

Lava hounds are one of those troops that were pretty much built for war attacks. With a long build time, high Dark Elixir Cost, and lots of housing space, Lava Hounds are usually a troop that you splurge on for war only. You might build Lava Hounds for trophy pushing and at times farming attacks, but any true Clash of Clans Lava Hound attacker knows best. It is highly recommended that you search for bases that have weak Air Defenses, weak or no Inferno Towers, and if you are lucky X-Bows that are set to ground only.

If you can find a base that has their X-Bows set to ground only, you should attack that base with an air attack using Lava Hounds almost 100% of the time. When this happens it is basically like that base has 2 or 3 (depending on what Town Hall level they are) defensive units less that have the ability of attacking air troops. Just like in all war attack strategies, doing a good job scouting bases can make all the difference in when you use Lava Hounds for war.

Lava Hounds and the Rage Spell

The Rage Spell with Lava Hounds works wonders. Not only does the Rage Spell speed up the slow moving Lava Hounds and help them get to the Air Defenses quicker, but it increases their damage per second and helps them take them out quicker when they get there. Lava Hounds with Rage Spells is really a timing thing. If you are using Lava Hounds than you are most likely doing an all air attack, so the goal for you should be to use your Rage Spells at a time and in a spot that is also going to help your Balloons and/or Minions. Most of the time you will see expert COC Lava Hound attackers drop 2 Spells around 2 Air Defenses right when their 2-4 Lava Hounds arrive. Right after that they will deploy Balloons, and as soon as the Balloons take out the first line of defense they should ideally enter the Rage radius so that they rush over the Defense and destroy as much as possible. If you do this Lava Hound attack with Rage Spells perfectly, than your Balloons should meet up in the middle of the enemy base perfectly so that you can drop another Rage Spell right in the middle on them. In the meanwhile, your Lava Hounds are probably dead and if you got your timing right there are lots of Lava Hound Pups flying around helping to clean up.

Lava Hound as a Clan Castle Unit

Lots of people request to have Lava Hounds in their Clan Castles for war, and who can blame them. Since the Lava Hound can absorb so much damage, it will take your enemy a very long time to kill them. The biggest problem with using Lava Hounds in Clan Castles as defense is that they do not do that much damage. If the attacker is able to draw your Lava Hound out and isolate it, it is only a matter of time before they kill him. In the meanwhile the Lava Hound is not going to be doing that much damage to the enemy. The real benefit of having Lava Hounds in your Clan Castle is when they explode, because that will distract the enemy for even longer and can even draw the troops away from where they were headed because they could try and follow the Lava Hound Pups.

Having a Lava Hound in your Clan Castle for offense is another story. If you already have maxed out Hounds, you probably want to request for a different troop. However, if you don’t already have your Lava Hounds maxed out than getting one in your Clan Castle can be a real treat. The difference between a maxed out Lava Hound and a Level 1, or even a Level 2, is huge! With that being said, you better make sure you have enough room in your Clan Castle to accommodate such a housing space heavy troop.

Lava Hounds Offensive Strategy

Your offensive strategy for Lava Hounds should always revolve around the idea of protection, protection for your Minions, Balloons, and even Dragons so that they can destroy defensive units and buildings without being killed by Air Defenses. They also do a great job uncovering all of the hidden traps so that they don’t destroy your other weaker troops. One Air Seeking Mine or Balloon Trap could kill an entire swarm of minions and do some major damage to a group of Balloons. Make sure to deploy your Lava Hounds in front of the Air Defenses so that they have the most direct path possible to get to them. Some Clash of Clans Lava Hound attackers prefer to straddle the Air Defenses with two Hounds each in order to set off as many traps as possible, but in the long run it will help you more to get to your destination quicker to make sure the Lava Hound gets enough time to float above the Air Defense, because there is nothing worse than leaving an Air Defense unit still standing after you send a Hound or two at it.

Lava Hound Defense Strategy

The best defensive strategy for Lava Hounds is a base setup that works well against air attacks in general. Make sure that your Air Defenses are spread out evenly so that they cover your entire base. Another very important thing you want to remember when it comes to defensive strategies for Lava Hounds is to place your air traps very close to each of your Air Defensive. The goal with trap placement is to put them where you know they will do the most damage right? Well, since there is a 100% chance those Lava Hounds are going strait for the Air Defenses it is a no brainer. Something else you can do is place your Air Defenses close enough together so that if a Lava Hound attacks any one of them, it will be in the range of all Air Defenses. Upgrading your Archer Towers is also going to really help in the long run, because they have a very long range and can do a lot of damage to Lava Hounds, not to mention they are plentiful too.

Lava Hound Training Cost 

Ranging from 390 to 510 Dark Elixir, Lava Hounds are a fair bargain…not great, not horrible, but fair. Lava Hounds can take an extremely large amount of hitpoints and are quite hefty when it comes to housing space, so it is not surprising that each one costs you a nice chunk of Dark Elixir. For war, you of course don’t want to spare any expense so you should be more than willing to use Lava Hounds. However, they can get quite pricey when you are using them to farm so you may want to go with Balloons and/or Minions for your chosen air troop. Then again, it all depends on where you are in the game and what you are trying to upgrade, because if you don’t care about saving Dark Elixir you may just want to let loose and build some insane Lava Hound armies. Don’t worry too much about the training cost for Lava Hounds in the long run, because if used correctly they will earn their worth and then some.

Lava Hounds Housing Space

A COC Lava Hound weighs in at 30 housing space units, making it one of the heaviest troops in the game, only matched by the Golem. If you use them then you are probably going to need at least two, so that is 60 housing spaces right there. If you are a master Clash of Clans Lava Hounds attack pro then you are probably going to bring four, so that would be a whopping 120 housing space units gone. This means that you need to use your troops wisely, and make sure that you are planning out your army very carefully, whether it is for war, farming, or pushing cups. Plan out your attack very meticulously and know what each troop is going to do and when you will deploy them. Also, be very picky when it comes to selecting a base to attack and make sure that you are choosing one that is weak against air attacks. Look for weak Air Defenses, compact bases, no Hidden Teslas, and X-Bows that are set to ground.

Clash of Clans Lava Hound Main Points

  • Use at least 2 at a time, preferably 4.
  • Drop them directly in front of the Air Defenses.
  • Use Rage Spells with your Hounds so to make sure they destroy the targeted Air Defenses.
  • Use 2 Lava Hounds per Air Defense to be safe and ensure you take them out.
  • Make sure to look for bases that are weak against air defenses when choosing a base attack.
  • Deploy your Hounds first so that they distract the defensive units, and especially the Air Defenses, while they make there way to the Air Defenses to destroy them.
  • Before you deploy your Lava Hounds, you might want to try taking out at least 1 or 2 Air Defenses with a Golem and Heroes. That will make it much easier to take out the remaining Air Defenses and get that 3 star.
  • If you are deploying more than 1 Lava Hound at a time per Air Defense, which you should, make sure you spread them out a bit so that only one of the Hounds takes the brunt of the impact from any hidden traps that pop up.
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