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Clash of Clans Wall Breaker Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

COC Wall Breaker masters understand the importance of using Wall Breakers. Some people prefer to not use them and to just try to bust through walls with Rage Spells or over them with Jump, but the best clashers know that Wall Breakers can be one of the most important troops in the game if used correctly. In case you were born 10 seconds ago, Wall Breakers are the only troop that targets walls, and it is able to break them by running up to them and dropping a bomb. They do not have much health, so you really have to make sure to time your deployment perfectly. The best part about Wall Breakers is they can give you a huge strategic advantage when it comes to housing space for your troops and your spells. The downside is that using them correctly is not very easy at all.

1 12 1 attack per second 480 20
2 16 1 attack per second 640 24
3 24 1 attack per second 960 29
4 32 1 attack per second 1280 35
5 46 1 attack per second 1840 42
6 60 1 attack per second 2400 54
Level Training Cost Upgrade Cost Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 500 None None 3
2 1000 100,000 2 4
3 1500 250,000 4 6
4 2000 750,000 5 7
5 2500 2,250,000 6 8
6 3500 6,750,000 8 10
Clash of Clans Wall Breaker

COC Wall Breakers

COC Wall Breaker Attack Strategy

The best Wall Breaker attack strategies obviously revolve around breaking through the initial walls of the enemy base, but the key is which walls and how are you going to accomplish the break. The first thing you want to do when attacking with Wall Breakers is figure out where you want to get to – the middle of the base, Dark Elixir Storage, Town Hall, etc.. The next thing you need to do is find the most appropriate path to get there considering the troops in your Army Camps. Now, try and figure out the most crucial part of the perimeter wall for you to break through, you probably should be looking for a kink – an area where multiple walls connect into 1 or 2 pieces – that way you can gain access to multiple sections with ease.

Wall Breakers are paired with all sorts of troops, but for the most part you want to use them with Giants, Golems, Valkyries, Pekkas, and Witches. Those are all very powerful troops that are not able to get through walls very easily, besides for maybe the Valkyrie if she is high level. Using Wall Beakers to the best of their ability with these troops will really maximize the damage that you can accomplish in a single attack. Also, COC Wall Breakers can give you the opportunity to build other spells instead of having to do Jump.

Deploying Wall Breakers Safely

Deploying a Wall Breaker without having him killed is very key when it comes to whether or not you or going to have a successful attack. In order to make the most out of your Wall Breaker attack, follow these steps below when you are deploying them:

  • Deploy Golems or Giants first, that way you will not be decimated by any Hidden Traps
  • Aim for the connecting wall pieces, this will maximize the amount of damage that you can cause with your WB’s
  • Do not hold down when deploying. Wall Breakers are smarter now, but you still want to make sure to spread them out timing wise so that they are not going after wall pieces that don’t even matter
  • Watch out for Mortars, try to time the deployment so that you are going in between Mortar bombs
  • Drop a Rage Spell over the first distracter troops that were deployed, but leave the back edge in a space where the Wall Breakers can get in on the perimeter walls. This will help get your Wall Breakers deep into the 2nd and even 3rd levels of the enemy base
  • Only deploy Wall Breakers all at once if you are sure you timed the Mortar right, there is not a Wizard Tower in your path, and if you’re sure all Hidden Traps have been sprung. If this is the case then it is a perfect time to use a Rage Spell with them too.
  • Don’t use Heal Spells with Wall Breakers, they do not have enough Hitpoints to be kept alive
  • Do not build Wall Breakers if you are using Hog Riders, unless of course there are heavier troops you want to get in
  • Try to look for a spot on the outside wall where you can deploy a Wall Breaker directly next to it so that it drops the bomb before it gets killed

If you follow at least some of the above points, then you are going to be a master COC Wall Breaker attacker in no time. Just get in lots of practice before you take those wall breaking strategies to war with you.

Clash of Clans Wall Breaker Strategy

COC Wall Breakers Attack

Wall Breakers for Farming

If you are just using the good old “barch” strategy then Wall Breakers are not going to be of much use to you. However, if you are going for huge monster scores of resources where they are mainly kept in the storages, chances are you are going to need at least 6 Wall Breakers (it also depends on what level your WB’s are and what base you’re attacking). Without Wall Breakers or Jump Spells, it would just about be impossible to get into the middle of the base where the storages are kept, especially if there are lots of sections. The keys are to make sure the enemy defenses are distracted, time deployments in between incoming fire, and stagger your Wall Breakers so that you can make sure they are heading towards the walls you want taken out. It is highly recommended that you even bring 8-12 Wall Breakers with you to war depending on how big your Army Camps are. This will allow you to gain access to lots of different sections, and that can come in handy especially if the enemy base you’re attacking has their storages spread out.

Wall Breakers for War Armies

Wall Breakers can make or break you in war. “Gowiwi” and “Gowipe” attacks are two of the most popular war attack strategies, and they both work best with Wall Breakers. After you deploy your Golems, drop some Wall Breakers by them so that they can penetrate the first level and get as many defensive units distracted as possible. It’s good to build 6-12 Wall Breakers for a war battle, it depends on how many Golems you are making, but that should give you enough to drop a couple Wall Breakers by each Golem, and have a few left over to drop down the middle with the bulk of your troops just to be safe. It would also be good to drop a Rage Spell over the last bunch, that way they can get into the deep layers of the base.

Wall Breakers and the Rage Spell

Using the Rage Spell with Wall Breakers will really maximize the amount of damage that you can do with your entire attack, because everybody knows that when certain troops get stuck behind walls it could be the end. Using the Rage Spell with your WB’s will ensure they you at least get through the outer perimeter, unless you are a complete moron when it comes to Wall Breaker deployment. If you have very low level Wall Breakers than you may need to use the Rage Spell with them to do have any type of affect whatsoever, especially if the base you are attacking has high level walks. If you can, try to drop your Rage Spell in a place that leads your Wall Breakers and includes as many of your other troops as possible.

Wall Breakers as a Clan Castle Unit

As a Clan Castle troop, Wall Breakers are absolute garbage. Maybe you can request them to use for offense with some Giants, Golems, or Valkyries, but 99 out of 100 times you should never have Wall Breakers in your Clan Castle. NEVER donate Wall Breakers unless somebody specifically requests for them, unless you want to get booted from your Clan.

Wall Breakers Offensive Strategy

Your offensive strategy for Wall Breakers should always include breaking walls so you can penetrate the enemy base, duh! If you are trying to do anything else with them then you need to get your head checked. Figure out which heavy troop you want to pair them with and have at it. Lay out some Giants or Golems for a distraction, and to clear the hidden traps, and then deploy your Wall Breakers so that you can get your high damage troops into the base and into the middle.

Wall Breaker Defense Strategy

The best defensive strategy to use against Wall Breakers is simple, upgrade your walls! That is really the best thing you can do, because as your walls get stronger it will take more Wall Breakers to break each piece, and that way your opponent will not get as deep in your base as they would have if you had weaker walls. The only other thing you can do is build your base with lots of different sections, that way it is going to take your opponent LOTS of Wall Breakers to make into each section. Otherwise, if you have an open base it is not going to take many Wall Breakers for your enemy to break in. Lastly, use your hidden traps wisely. You may not want to have a Giant Bomb setup to go off on Wall Breakers, but Spring Traps and regular Bombs are great.

Wall Breaker Training Cost 

Ranging from 500 to 3,500 purple Elixir, Wall Breakers are not cheap by any means. They are definitely quite costly no matter which level you are at in the game, but if used correctly they can really make the difference between good and bad attacks, for war, pushing and farming. If you are farming for Elixir than you may want to stray away from Wall Breakers, but if you are going after Dark Elixir than you are definitely going to need lots of them. The reason for that is because most Dark Elixir Storages are kept in the middle of the base, and since you can’t zap them with Lightning Spells anymore breaking the walls or jumping over them is the only way for you to get there. Try to conserve your Wall Breakers by really watching them and only deploying all of the ones you built if you need them, don’t deploy them just to get rid of them.

Wall Breakers Housing Space

Surprisingly Wall Breakers COC only use up two units of housing space. For a specialty troop you would think they would take up more, but I guess if they did nobody would ever use them. From a cost to housing space ratio perspective, Wall Breakers are really lavish and costly. However, you can’t complain too much since they only take up two.

Clash of Clans Wall Breakers Main Points

  • Deploy Giants or Golems first to clear out any hidden traps
  • Do not deploy all of your Wall Breakers at once. Otherwise they might get crushed by splash damage. If you do you better time it perfectly
  • Try to deploy them in front of wall pieces that connect 2 or more areas, that way you can gain access to multiple sections of the base with just one hit
  • Use Rage Spell with Wall Breakers to penetrate into the secondary and tertiary levels of the enemy base
  • Do not use Wall Breakers with the Clan Castle in any way
  • Wall Breaker COC units do not have lots of hitpoints at all, so do not try to use Heal Spell with them
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