Clash of Clans Hile – What is it? Cheats, MOD, APK


Clash of Clans Hile

Clash of Clans v8.67.8 Android Hile MOD APK is pretty much a way of cheating. It allows you to upload your COC account to a desktop site and play from there. The trick is that it allows you to see hidden traps on enemy bases, troops that are inside their Clan Castle, and gives lots of insider info like attack % predictions, war win predictions, and can even recommend which troops to use. You can even clone a base you are looking to attack in War and practice attacking it before you actually do your real war attack. You can see why this is so frowned upon by Supercell, lots of clashers, and WE RECOMMEND YOU NEVER CHEAT AND USE ANY TYPE OF XMOD HILE MOD APK TYPE APPLICATIONS. IT CAN GET YOU BANNED AND IT MAKES YOU A STUPID IDIOT.

Lots of clans will refer to this type of COC Hile application as “modding” or “xmod.” When people use things like Clash of Clans APK, it takes a lot of fun out of the game and definitely gives the cheating clan the edge in War. If done correctly, it can be almost impossible to beat a “modder clan,” this is because they practice attacking each base many times until they know the perfect mix of troops needed to 3 star; even the Town Hall 10’s and 11’s.

Clash of Clans Cheats Variations

Variations of these stupid COC cheats programs are Clash of Clans Hileli, Clash of Clans Full Mod Hile, and lots of other versions of Android 8.67.8. These programs are hard to use and not worth the risk of getting your account terminated. is against COC cheats and suggest that clashers that come to our website for tips report everybody and every clan that is for sure using some time of Clash of Clans Hile cheat system.

These red flags will tell you if somebody is cheating:

  • Somehow they manage to avoid every single one of our traps, even the ones where it would have made perfect sense for them to run right into.
  • When every player in a Clan War seems to be getting flawless overkill 3 star attacks, and on these attacks there are not many traps set off and they are avoiding the Hidden Teslas.
  • If you see somebody use a Freeze Spell on a Hidden Tesla before they pop-up, you examine the rest of their attack and also their clan mates’ if it was in War.

You don’t want to discriminate against clans that are just really good at attacking, so you should only report people when you are very certain. How certain is very certain? About 90%. Nobody likes a rat, so if you are going to report somebody it better be for a good reason. Using a Clash of Clans Hack is not worth the risk! If you want to practice, be a man (or a strong woman) and spend the money to build troops and attack real bases. That way you can also get loot and trophies, however, people that use these stupid COC Hacks probably know how to get free gems and know all the code cheats for gem glitch bull-doody.

Clash of Clans Gem Hack

If you are real COC Clasher and follow COC Pages on Facebook and other social networks, then you have probably seen all of the ads and posts claiming you can get free gems just by liking and sharing and doing some other stupid crap with the post. This is a scam! Do not do it, it is the same thing as pirating music except you are not withholding earnings from spoiled conceded musicians, you are taking it away from chill gamers at Supercell like your selves who are just trying to make a living. All of the Clash of Clans gem glitch stuff is just a way for you to fall out of true love with the game. Stay true and away from all of the COC cheat crap and you will maintain your honor. Clash on!

GowipeClash of Clans Hile – What is it? Cheats, MOD, APK