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Clash of Clans Hog Rider – Strategies, Levels & Attacks


Clash of Clans Hog Rider Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

COC Hog Riders are one of the most dominating forces in the game, especially before the update that decreased their damage per second. Hog Riders are fast, strong, and have a fairly decent amount of hitpoints. On top of that, not only are they able to hop over walls, but they also target defensive units! This gives you a great chance to rid an entire base, or portion of a base, of all defensive units.

1 60 1 attack per 1 second 60 270
2 70 1 attack per 1 second 70 312
3 80 1 attack per 1 second 80 360
4 92 1 attack per 1 second 92 415
5 105 1 attack per 1 second 105 475
Level Training Cost (Dark Elixir) Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir) Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 40 None None 7
2 45 20,000 5 7
3 52 30,000 6 8
4 58 40,000 6 8
5 65 50,000 7 9
Clash of Clans Hog

COC Hogs

COC Hog Rider Attack Strategy

There are countless troop combinations that you can put together with Hog Riders, but for the most part you want to use Hog Riders with Giants, Archers, and Wizards. What you want to do is first draw the enemy Clan Castle so you can kill the CC troops, drop your Giants and try to spread them out so they can clear out as many traps as possible, drop your Hogs, and then drop your Archers behind them once they clear out the area.  There are a couple different ways to deploy your Hog Riders:

  • Hold down so they drop all at once. This will flood your enemy and allow you take out heavier defensive units faster
  • Spread your Hog Riders out so that they blanket an entire side of the defensive base. This is good because it minimizes the amount of damage that a Mortar or Wizard Tower can do to your Hogs
  • Do the double hold – Instead of holding your finger down and creating one line of Hogs, do two. This is a good compromise between the one line flood and the spread strategy

Deploying Hog Riders Safely

This may sound contradictory, but in Clash of Clans Hog Riders are almost as fragile as they are powerful. The biggest weakness for Hog Riders is that they can fall victim to Giant Bombs and Spring Traps very easily. Regular bombs and Skeleton Traps are things you should definitely be concerned about, but they do not compare to the amount of damage that can be done by Giant Bombs and Skeleton Traps. Sometimes there is not much you can do to avoid them, but if you can, try to scout the enemy base as much as possible. Try and find the empty spaces within their walls, and also look outside the walls to see if you can spot an unusual spacing in their setup. Besides for that you just need to make sure to use your Heal Spells and keep a close watch on those COC Hogs.

The other very important thing to remember when deploying Hog Riders safely is to draw out the Clan Castle Troops and kill them. Otherwise they are just going to follow you around and kill your Hog Riders off one by one, or 2 or 3 at a time if they have Witches or Wizards in their CC. Draw them out with Giants if you can since they last the longest, but if they have no defense units within range of the Clan Castle just use 2-3 Hog Riders to draw the troops out. Once they are all out, and MAKE SURE THEY ARE ALL OUT, use Archers or Barbarians to draw them into a far corner to kill them.

Hog Riders for Farming

They are not exactly the best troop for farming, but then again, it all depends on what you’re farming for. If you are farming for Elixir then Hog Riders are probably your best choice, that way you can build a predominately Hog Rider army using your Dark Elixir while you save up your purple Elixir. If you are farming for Gold then Hog Riders can also be a good choice, but in that scenario it call comes down to your preference of army.

If you are a higher level player in a much lower league, then it is another story, because in Clash of Clans Hog Riders might then become the most deadly troop at all. If you attack correctly with Hog Riders that are at least Level 4, then you are going to see them take over that enemy base and get you 100% destruction very quickly. Don’t forgot to bring your Heal Spells!

Hog Riders for War Armies

When it comes to using Hog Riders in your war army, it all depends on what level player you are, the base you are attacking, and perhaps your Clan’s policy on Hog Attacks. A lot of Clash of Clans leaders and co-leaders don’t allow Hog Riders since they were downgraded, but that is all crap because every situation is different.

If your Hogs are at least Level 4 or Level 5, then you definitely want to consider using them. Look for a base that is very compact and that does not have a lot of gaping holes within the walls. That will increase your odds of not getting your Hog Rider pack destroyed by Giant Bombs. Make sure to keep your Heal Spells handy so that you can recover from any big blows. Just do your best to scout correctly and stay away from those ring bases, those are basically Hog mazes that leads them across all sorts of Spring Traps and Bombs

Another important factor when using Hog Riders is to use your Heroes correctly. Most people wait until the enemy bases is cleared out and then drop their Heroes behind the Hogs to clean up, but you can also drop them behind the defense on the stronger side; this will distract the remaining defensive units and while the last of your weakened Hog pack takes them out.

Hog Riders and the Rage Spell

Some people like using the Rage Spell with Hog Riders, and others stay away from it claiming that it does not work at all. They are wrong, it does work, it is just all about personal preference and what you feel most comfortable using. The bottom line is that Heal Spells need to be used with Hogs, other wise they are just going to die off quickly.  If you do use Rage with your Hogs, don’t take more than one to battle because you need all the Heal Spells you can get.  If you do decide to use a Rage Spell with your Hog Army, use it right away and drop it just as they enter the walls of the enemy base. This will allow them to destroy the initial line of defense and get deep within the base quick so you can drop your Heroes. This is especially useful if you spent too much time luring the Clan Castle Troops, because this will speed up the process.

Hog Riders as a Clan Castle Unit

In COC Hog Riders are on of the worst troops you can have in your Clan Castle. The main reason for that is their attack style, maybe if they were able to throw their hammers they would be better. As of now they have to get too close to the enemy troops to do damage, so the by the time they are in right spot they barely have any hitpoints left and will die before they can do anything substantial. The only other troops that are as bad or worse as a CC Troop than Hog Riders are

Hog Riders Offensive Strategy 

The main offensive strategy for Hog Riders is to basically take out the defensive units of your opponent. Scout the base as best as possible so you can avoid as many Hidden Traps as you can, especially Giant Bombs and Spring Traps. Make sure to bring Archers and Wizards with you to the battle, because you will need a high dame per second troop to follow the Hogs in order to take all of the non-defensive units like barracks, mines, etc. You can also use Golems or Giants to distract the defense at the start of your attack, that way the Hog Riders can move into the enemy territory without getting pounded by Wizard Towers, Archer Towers, and other defensive units. Just remember to draw out the CC Troops first and to bring as many Heal Spells you can.

Hog Riders Defense Strategy

In order to build a base that shuts down Hog Attacks, you need to place your Giant Bombs, Spring Traps, and Hidden Teslas in very strategic places. Something you may want to do is place Spring Traps in front of your Hidden Teslas, and maybe even Giant Bombs as well. Make sure your Hidden Teslas are in a place that seems safe to the attacker, a place that seems like a good place for them to drop their Hog Riders. That way the Hogs go right up to the Teslas and get burned.

The most important thing to remember when making sure your base is safe from Hog Attacks is to spread everything out. If all of your units are next to each other then there is no room for your Hidden Traps, and that means the Hog Riders can just storm around your base fairly untouched. You can even lead the Hog Riders through a series of traps by creating a big circle base with defensive units in strategic places so that you can lead them through Giant Bombs and all your traps. Just pay close attention to the proximity of each defensive unit, because those Hog Riders will go to whatever is closest. With Hog Riders Clash of Clans really leaves it up to you now when it comes to how many stars your enemy will achieve on your base, there are no more power Hogs that are just unstoppable like in the good old days.

Hog Rider Training Cost 

The training cost for Hog Riders might be one of the best values in the game. Ranging from 40-65 Dar Elixir, you get a lot of fire power for just a small amount of your precious resources. Compared to other Dark Troops like the Golem and Witch, Hog Riders are extremely light on your Dark Elixir bank and allow you to make some real progress when you are farming. Lots of clashers that are trying to farm for Elixir and/or Gold choose Hog Riders as their main troop. However, “barching” with Barbarians and Archers might be the most popular farming army in COC.

Hog Riders Housing Space

COC Hog Rider units are very light on the housing space for what they are. They take up 5 Housing Space units, the same as Giants. For the amount of damage they can do this is a great value. It allows you to bring upwards of over 30 Hog Riders to battle to absolutely crush your opponent’s base, or you can bring 15 to 25 and still have room for other heavy duty troops. All together the Housing Space/Training Cost ratio for Hog Riders is great.

Clash of Clans Hog Riders Main Points

  • Use Heal Spells to constantly replenish them, especially after they get hit with Giant Bombs
  • Hog Riders are great for farming Gold and Elixir
  • Do not use Hog Riders in your Clan Castle, and do not donate Hogs to our fellow clan mates unless you want to get kicked or if they request for them
  • Do not do a Hog only attack, make sure to bring at least 4-6 Giants or 1 or 2 Golems to distract the enemy defense. This will go a long way.
  • If you are going to use a Rage Spell with Hog Riders, use it right away to lead them into the area of the base you want
  • When you deploy Hog Riders – Scout the enemy defense and try to avoid Giant bombs, do not drop all Hogs at once, and perhaps spread them out across one side or drop them in 2-3 streams
  • Deploy your Hog Riders right away to destroy strategic defensive units, or wait until the end to drop them on the weak or strong side of the defense to finish your enemy off
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