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Clash of Clans Pekka – Levels, Attacks & Strategies


Clash of Clans Pekka Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

A Clash of Clans P.E.K.K.A. is not only the backbone of war attacks, they are also the backbone of the entire game. Why? Well, the Pekka is pretty much the face of Clash of Clans. It is a completely original character that Supercell created, and it is arguable the most powerful troop in the entire game. They have a HUGE amount of hitpoints and can wallop their targets with a crushing sword strike that can take out buildings in some cases only 1 hit. Once of the biggest downsides to Pekkas are their speed, because in the quickness department they are a bit lacking. Also, they can only attack ground troops. After all, if the Pekka had everything than it would be pretty dang hard to stop an attack with 4-5+ Pekkas.

1 240 1 attack per 2.5 seconds 600 2800
2 270 1 attack per 2.5 seconds 675 3100
3 300 1 attack per 2.5 seconds 750 3500
4 340 1 attack per 2.5 seconds 850 4000
5 380 1 attack per 2.5 seconds 950 4500
Level Training Cost Upgrade Cost Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 25,000 None None 8
2 30,000 3,000,000 6 8
3 35,000 6,000,000 6 8
4 40,000 7,000,000 8 10
5 45,000 8,000,000 8 10
Clash of Clans Pekka

COC Pekkas

COC P.E.K.K.A. Attack Strategy

When attacking with Pekkas, the most important thing to do is get them inside the base and to the middle where the opponents Town Hall and/or storages are hiding. The key to doing this successfully is clearing out the perimeter of the base with Wizards and/or Archers. Without this technique there is a very good chance your Pekkas will get distracted and go on a long walk along the outside of the base. This is not good because usually people just keep resource collectors, barracks and other buildings on the outside, so instead of destroying defensive units they will be taking out worthless buildings while they get pounded on by the defenses within the walls.

The best possible attack you can use with Pekkas is the “Gowipe” (Golems, Pekkas, Wizards) or “Gowiwi” (Golems, Pekkas, Witches, Wizards). Either one will work if you follow these Clash of Clans Pekka attack strategy tips below:

  • Deploy 3-5 Golems on one of the flat sides of the base and spread them out along the entire side. If there are no flat spaces then just make sure to space them out. If you are using 4+ Golems you can even place them on multiple sides.
  • Drop 6-10 Wall Breakers to get your Golems inside the enemy base.
  • Deploy your Wizards along the entire flat side of the base so that you destroy every single building on the outside, leaving nothing for the Pekkas and/or Witches to get distracted by.
  • Now is the time to drop a Rage and a Jump Spell
  • Deploy your Pekkas, Heroes, and Clan Castle all at once so that they dive right into the Rage and hop to the next level with the Jump Spell.
  • If Town Hall 10 use your Freeze Spells to lock up the Inferno Towers and as many other defensive units or Heroes as possible. If other level then use your Heal or Rage Spells.
  • Keep an eye on your Heroes to make sure you do not waste their abilities.
  • Deploy any extra Archers or Wizards you have in the blind spots along the outside of the base. This will get you those extra % points you need to secure 50% damage.

Whatever you do, make sure you are being smart when it comes to what other troops you are pairing your Pekkas with. You can also try one of the very popular “Gohope” attacks where you incorporate Hog Riders and an extra Heal Spell with your Golems and Pekkas.

Clash of Clans Gowipe Attack Strategy

COC Gowipe Attacks

Deploying Pekkas Safely

Since Pekkas are too strong to be effected by hidden traps, even Big Bombs, the most important thing you want to worry about is getting them where you want to go. Make sure o scout out the landscape and figure out where and when you are going to drop your Golems, Wall Breakers, Wizards, and Spells. Otherwise you are going to be caught off guard and will most likely see your Pekkas separating and going rogue. Since you want to get as many Pekkas as possible into the radius of your spells, the last thing you want is for your Pekkas to split apart from one another. If that happens you are going to have a lot of tough choices to make from that point on. To be a COC Pekka attack guru you must practice this hundreds of times at least.

Pekkas for Farming

If you are farming for Gold or Elixir then Pekkas might actually be a good troop to bring with you to battle, otherwise they are going to cost you too much Elixir to make it worth while. The biggest downside of farming attacks with Pekkas is that they take a long time to build – 45 minutes. If you are going to bring more than one, make sure you are spreading them out throughout your Barracks and not building them all in one, otherwise it will be backed up for while (they can handle up to 3 each).

Dropping 1 or 2 Pekkas in your farming attacks can really take them to the next level and help you clean up all of the resources that often times get left on the table. Make sure you bring at least 6-10 Wall Breakers and/or 1 Jump Spell to help your Pekkas get through the base and to the Storages on the far side of the base – those are often times the ones that go untouched. Getting your troops access to those 3rd and 4th Storages can mean hundreds of thousands in Gold and Elixir, not to mention the Dark Elixir Storage that usually resides in the middle of the base. Pekkas will give you that extra destruction push and distraction that you need to get there. The downside….if you fail the attack you lose a lot more resources.

Pekkas for War Armies

Pekkas are a war machine. There are not many attack strategies for war that do not involve Pekkas. This is because with Pekkas COC wars are much more fun and way easier to win stars. A lot of people shy away from Pekkas outside of war since they are expensive and take a long to build, and war gives people a reason to use them. The best COC Pekka war attacks involve Golems, because when those two troops combine they create one of the most powerful duos in the entire game. With the massive amount of hitpoins of the Golem as they target defenses, and the strength of the Pekka in terms of health and power, they are a pair of troops that are very tough to stop if used the right way. Just make sure you are also bringing a bigger volume power troop like Wizards, Valkyries, Hogs, or Balloons. It is going to take you lots of practice to figure out exactly how many Pekkas to use and what troops to bring along with them, but after many war attacks you will see what style works best for you. The tricky part is that no matter how many battles you practice in outside of war, nothing compares to a war attack because the bases are setup differently and they have the most premium troops inside their Clan Castle.

Dragons and the Rage Spell

Dragons with Rage Spells are like peanut butter and jelly, they just go together perfectly. Not only do Rage spells help Dragons be able to destroy buildings in 1 or 2 breaths, but they allow them to move around the base very quickly. Some COC Dragon attackers like to use Heal spells, but they really don’t have the same amount of impact that Rage Spells do. However, something that does work is bringing 1 or maybe 2 Heal Spells with you along with the 2-3 Rage Spells (depending on what level your Spell Factory is). This will allow you to make some very important Drags last a little longer and give them those extra breaths needed to destroy that Town Hall or Air Defense. Like always, make sure you are dropping your spells in front of the Dragons so that they are barely in it; try your best to predict their path.

Pekkas as a Clan Castle Unit

Pekkas in Clan Castles for defense are not the best option since they are very slow and cannot attack air troops. For offense they can actuall be quite helpful, especially if you can get a maxed out Pekka donated to you when you do not even have maxed Pekkas yet. If you are attacking lower level bases with a max Pekka in your Clan Castle, than you are going to crush that base because it is basically like bringing an extra Hero with you. One good part about having a Pekka in your Clan Castle for defense is that they can’t be destroyed by Poison Spells. Poison has become very pesky for the old school CC troops like Wizards and Witches, they are almost non-existent now.

Pekka Offensive Strategy

Your main offensive strategies for Pekkas should always focus on placement and control. There is nothing worse than having your Pekka end up dying slowly as they walk around the outside of the base. If your Pekka/s make it to the middle of the base it can be the difference maker in your attack.

Also, remember to pair your Pekkas with troops that compliment them such as Wizards, Golems, Valkyries, and even Healers. Pekkas are very valuable since they cost so much and take a while to build, so you really need to cherish them and make sure you are giving them the best chance possible to succeed.

Lastly, bring lots of spells with you. The good part is that all spells work with Pekkas, the bad part is you have some tough decisions to make. Rage Spells and Haste Spells are highly suggested, because since Pekkas are so slow you can eliminate on of their biggest flaws with those. The Heal Spell is also quite handy and can really extend the life of your Pekkas but quite a bit. Clash of Clan Pekka attack masters understand that Pekka offensive strategies take time to master, and so should you.

Pekka Defense Strategy

Defensive strategies for Pekkas are not very too specific, because Pekkas can get you no matter what you do. Not only are they basically resistant to traps, but they are also so strong that they can even outlast Inferno Towers for a while (when they are set to multiple). The best defense for Pekka attacks is high level walls. Pekkas have a very high damage per second, but even level 5 Pekkas will get stuck behind walls if they are level 9 or higher. Walls take a long time to upgrade since they are so costly and there are so many of them, but if you put in the work it will definitely pay off when those Pekkas come a knocking.

Pekka Training Cost 

Pekkas will cost you a lot of Elixir and time, but if you do a good job deploying them and supporting them with a good mix of troops then it is well worth it. Compared to other high damage per second troops like Wizards and Valkyries they may seem extreme, but you have to consider the amount of hitpoints that Pekka have. The key to winning Clash of Clans attacks is distracting the defensive units, and Pekkas are such a good troop for that because not only do they have lots of health, but they also do lots of damage to the defense as opposed to Golems that do not have that much of an affect.

Pekkas Housing Space

25 units of housing space for Pekkas is not that much if you think about all the benefits they bring to battle. Golems and Lava Hounds take up 30 spaces and do not even do that much damage. Pekkas on the other hand take up 5 fewer spaces and can really do some major destruction. One thing to really think about, practice, and research is what other troops you should bring with your Pekkas. Making good use of your housing space and not overloading with Pekkas will be crucial if you want to have some successful attacks.

Clash of Clans Pekkas Main Points

  • Pekkas are one the best troops to use in war attacks, so figure out your favorite mix of troops to combine with them.
  • Rage Spells and Heal Spells work great with Pekkas, so make sure you are bringing spells with you when attacking.
  • The best way to deploy your Pekkas is all at once in the same spot. That way you can have much control over where they go as possible. Also, if done correctly you should be able to get your Rage or Heal Spell over all of them.
  • Using Pekkas in your Clan Castle for offense is a great idea, especially if you can get a max Pekka while you do not even have maxed out Pekkas yet. Try to stay away from using them in your Clan Castle for defense though, because they are pretty slow and they can’t attack air troops, so they are very vulnerable to Minions.
  • Pekkas are not really affected too much by hidden traps, so don’t worry about clearing out an area before you deploy them.
  • Witches are a great troop to pair with Pekkas, because with the little Skeletons that the Witches spawn it makes up for the massive amount of housing space that the Pekkas take up.
  • Make sure to clear out the buildings from the perimeter of the base before dropping your COC Pekkas, otherwise they might get distracted and go for a long death walk around the outside.
  • In the case that your Pekkas go around the outside of the base in a war attack, stay calm and try to use your spells (Jump, Rage, Heal) to get them back on track and on their way to the middle again. You can even wait to see what they do before you deploy your Heroes, that way you can still keep you troops together and increase your chances of a 2 or 3 star attack.
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