Clash of Clans Valkyrie

Clash of Clans Valkyrie – Attacks, Levels & Strategy


Clash of Clans Valkyrie Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

Valkyries have the ability to be one of the most powerful and impactful troops in the game, however, they are highly unused and for some reason lots of people tend to stray away from including them in their army. In COC Valkyries deliver lots of damage per second and have lots of hitpoints, so they can be paired with lots of different troops and can be very versatile. Another great trait about Valkyries is that they are pretty fast, not only in building time but in movement as well. Valkyries can be used like a Giant / Wizard hybrid troop since they can absorb hits but also dish out some serious damage.

1 88 1 attack per 1.8 seconds 158.4 900
2 99 1 attack per 1.8 seconds 178.2 1000
3 111 1 attack per 1.8 seconds 199.8 1100
4 124 1 attack per 1.8 seconds 223.2 1200
Level Training Cost (Dark Elixir) Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir) Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 6 None None 7
2 7 10,000 5 7
3 8 20,000 6 8
4 9 30,000 6 8

COC Valkyrie Attack Strategy 

As stated above, Valkyries can be used in lots of different ways. This means you should be creative with them, try lots of different attack strategies, and find what works for you best. The main Vlakyrie attack strategies you will see are pairing them with Wizards, Giants, and Archers, and then also with Hog Riders, Golems, and Balloons. The first one mentioned is the most popular because it is also the most affordable. No matter what strategy you decide to go with, you should always bring Wall Breakers with you so that the Valkyries can penetrate multiple layers of the enemy base and get in deep. They don’t have a favorite target, so you want to just choose an area of the base you want to destroy, or select a few specific units that you want to go after whether that be a Mortar, Archer Tower, or Resource Collector.

  • It is recommended that you drop some Giants or Golems first, that way your Valkyries can do maximum damage and will live much longer through your attack
  • Try to build at least 3+ Valkyries at a time per attack, because they get stronger in numbers. 1 or 2 Valkryies can be killed fairly quickly, but with a bunch of them they will do lots of damage as they are being killed off one by one
  • Work on upgrading your Valkyries early in the game, otherwise you are going to be tempted to work on other troops first. If you have Level 3+ Valkyries in your arsenal than you are a major threat to enemy bases that you normally would have no chance at
Clash of Clans Valkyrie

COC Valkyries

Deploying Valkyries Safely

Valkryies are not as difficult to deploy as some of the other troops like Hog Riders and Wall Breakers, but you still have to be careful and pay close attention to what you’re doing. If you are wondering how to deploy Valkyries, the most important thing you need to remember is to do excellent scouting. Try to figure out where their Giant Bombs and Hidden Teslas are, because those are the two defensive units that you should be worried about the most. Valkyries are too heavy to be flung out of the battle by Spring Traps, so don’t worry about those. In fact, it is good to set those off so that they do not spring other valuable troops out of the game like Giants and Wizards.

Before you deploy Valkyries, drop your Giants and/or Golems first. This will distract the enemy defense and allow your Valkyries to do some good damage while the defensive units are focusing on your thicker troops that take a long time to kill. Even though Valkyries are strong and have lots of hitpoints, they can die very quickly if Archer Towers, Cannons, and any other defensive units take aim, especially more than one at once. You don’t need to take 20+ Giants to the battle or 3+ Golems, all you need is a few good heavy hitpoint troops to lay down some cover. It is also highly suggested that you spread out your Valkyries, because that will help you avoid having the bulk of your Valks hit by splash damage defenses like Mortars and Wizard Towers.

Valkyries for Farming

Just like always, it all depends on what you are farming for. In the case that you are not farming for Dark Elixir, Valkyries can be used as an extremely efficient farming troop. Since Valkyries are fairly cheap to make and very powerful, you can produce just a few of them to add some major fire power to your farming army without having to wait too much time, spend a lot of your resources, and fill up too much of your Base Camps. If you follow the attack strategies for Valkyries that you learn here, than you can steal a lot of resources from the enemy bases you are attacking.

If the resources are mainly still in the Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines, then Valkryries are even better for farming. Valks can be very deadly if they are able to walk around the base since they do not have to break through any walls and don’t waste their time attacking units with more hitpoints like X-Bows or the Clan Castle. 3-5 Valkyries should be enough to just cruise through the enemy’s Resource Collectors and ad a fortune to your Storages. Make sure to bring some spells with you too, because if you come across a dead base that has over 300k to 400k+ of Elixir and Gold you are going to want all of the firepower you can get. Heal Spells and Rage Spells are going to do you the most good with Valkyries, but you may want to consider bringing a Jump Spell, especially if you are trying to get to some loaded Storages that are deep within the enemy base.

Valkyries for War Armies

When it comes to using Valkyries in war armies, it is definitely something that can be done effectively. You 100% have to use Golems with them, otherwise they are not going to live up to their full potential and make it anywhere close to the middle of the base. Getting to the middle of the enemy base is always the most important thing for war attacks, unless your opponent has some type of weird trickster base. In order to get your Valkyries to the middle you need to drop them behind a few Golems, 2-5, and then lead the Golems in with Rage Spells, Jump Spells, and even Wall Breakers. This will give your Valkyries a chance at getting to the Town Hall. If they get there they will take it down quick.

Pay close attention to where your Valkryies are and how many hitpoints they have left, because you do not want them to die if you can replenish them with a Heal Spell or give them the extra boost that they need with a Rage Spell. Lastly, if you know they only have a short time left and you are all out of Heal Spells, think about dropping your Jump Spell for them (if you have one) if it means that it will give you a strategic advantage, like if you could reach one of their X-Bows or Town Hall. Think about the Valkyrie deployment tips above, and try to place them as carefully as possible so that they goto the middle and do not get distracted by units outside of the base. Although going along the outside can be good for farming, it will not earn you the stars that your clan mates looking for.

Valkyries and the Rage Spell

The Rage Spell with Valkyries works like a charm. The only problem is that Valkyries are so strong and so fast, they are only able to be within the Rage radius for a short amount of time. However, for that small period of time they are able to do lots of damage. This would be ideal if you are in the middle of a war attack and just got your Valks to the middle of the enemy base and you are about to crush the Town Hall.  Another good time to use Rage Spells on Valkyries is when they are moving along the outside of the base and suddenly want to turn inside the walls. Try to catch them at that exact second so that they don’t get stuck and killed trying to break through the walls. Use your best judgment here, because if you have high level Valkryries going up a lower level wall like a 7 or below then you may want to just let those ladies bash on through.

Valkyries as a Clan Castle Unit

Valkyries as Clan Castle troops are great. The biggest downside is their range, but they overcome that with their speed and splash damage. Splash damage is a rear damage type, and if used properly it can really do some major damage.  Filling a Clan Castle with all Valkyries is probably not the best idea. You should probably try to mix in some Wizards and Archers if you can. That way you can add some range to the mix and really diversify your offense or defense. Sometimes it can be tricky to get exactly what you want in your Clan Castle, but if you list the Valkyrie as an acceptable troop that you are likely to get just 1 or 2 with Archers and Wizards mixed in.

  • If you are attacking and there are Valkyries in the Clan Castle, wait until most or all of your troops are deployed until you drop it. That way the Valks can swoop in at the end and demolish your opponent
  • If you are requesting Valkyries as a war defense Clan Castle unit make sure to get some Archers, Wizards, Minions, and/or a Lava Hound along with them to add some range and extra fire power.

Valkyries Offensive Strategy

When it comes to offensive strategy for Valkyries, the main goal is destruction. Valkyries are a high hitpoint and damage per second troop, so the main thing you should be trying to accomplish is crushing a specific section of your enemy’s base. Unless you use a lot of Heal Spells, your Valkyries are likely going to die off before they get through the entire base, so you really want to be strategic about where you place them. When you are deploying your Valkyries try to spread them out so that they do not all get killed by splash damage defenses.  Otherwise, they are going to clump together and will probably not last too long when they start getting hit by those Wizard Towers and Mortars. In order to really enhance your Valkyrie attack and maximize your offensive strategy, make sure to bring an absorbent troop like Giants or Golems and build at least a few wall breakers. This will help your Valkyries get deep within the enemy base and last long enough to make it into the middle or even all the way until the end of the battle for that 100% 3 star destruction.

Valkyries Defense Strategy

There is not really any magic formula when it comes to defending against Valkryie attacks. The best thing for you to do is spread out your base so they have to travel as far as possible between each unit they destroy. This will give your defensive units a lot more time to take aim and start nipping away at the health of those Valks. If you have all of your units right next to each other there is going to be less time that passes by before they start attacking other units, and before you know it they will be more than half way through your base with lots of health left.

The other main defensive strategy you should use for COC Valkyries is designing a base with lots of different sections / compartments. Since Valkyries are a splash damage troop, they are not able to shoot over walls. So, by having lots of walls for them to break through it is highly likely that you will kill them off before they are able to do any serious damage.  They might be able to get through the first wall and even the second, but by the third time they need to break though they are going to be very weak and should be dying soon. Your enemy could of course use a combination of Jump, Rage, and Heal Spells to combat that, but they are still going to have a lot of trouble executing the attack they envisioned. When you defend against Valkyries Clash of Clans seems like a pretty easy game to play, but when they crush you the feeling might be a little different.

Valkyrie Training Cost 

The Valkyrie training cost is pretty fair, not extremely good but not really bad either, just right. When you consider the amount of damage per second they can dish out and their hitpoints, the cost seems pretty minimal compare to other more expensive dark troops like the Golem or Witch. However, it all depends on what you are farming for and what the purpose of your attack is.  If you are trying to farm for Dark Elixir, you may want to stay away from Valkyries, because they can get pretty expensive if you consider the housing space you are getting. If you really have to or want to use Dark Troops but you want it to be as cost effective as possible, your best bet is using Minions or Hog Riders, they will pack the most punch.

Valkryries Housing Space

Valkyries are one of the valuable troops in terms of housing space. They have more than double the amount of hitpoints that Wizards have, and they only take up double the housing space. Also, when you compare Valkyries to Wizards you can see how good they are in terms of damage per second to housing space. The only issue when it comes to Valkyries and the main reason why you probably don’t build swarms of them is because of their training time. 15 minutes does not seem like a lot, but when you have to wait 45 minutes for 24 housing space units it can really add up. If you have time to kill and are not in a hurry, than you may want to build a lot of Valkyries COC. In Clash of Clans Valkyries have a lot of pros and cons, and this case their housing space is a big pro with their training time being the big con.

Clash of Clans Valkyrie Main Points

  • Spread them out when deploying so that they do not get crushed by splash damage.
  • Use Rage Spells, Heal Spells, and Jump Spells with Valkyries to enhance their attacking abilities. The most popular one to use is Rage, it will help them do a lot of damage
  • Before you deploy Valkryies, drop some Giants or Golems in front of them so that they do not take the brunt of the firepower.
  • Bring 1-3 Valkyries to battle to use as clean up like you would with Wizards, or build 6+ Valkyries to put together a more Valk focused attack. With 6+ you may want to bring Heal Spells to keep them going for as long as possible.
  • To defend against Valkyries make sure you either spread out your defense or build lots of different sections so that they get stuck behind walls.
  • Valkryries can be used as a substitute for Wizards, just make sure to bring at least one or two types of troops with a longer range.
  • Try using Valkyries in your own way, you could find a custom battle unit mix (even with air troops) that works great for your style and your specific troop levels.
  • Special Valkyrie Tip: Draw out the CC Troops and get them bunched up in a little ball like you would before you use a Lightning Spell, but instead drop a Valkryrie on them and she will destroy all of them in one single spin (does not work for air troops).
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