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Clash of Clans Witch – Attacks, Stats & Strategies


Clash of Clans Witch Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

When it comes to Witches people either use them or they don’t. They are not like other troops where you can dabble around and mix up your army. To attack successfully with Witches you need to have lots of practice and know exactly what you are doing. The best part about witches is the fact that they spawn little Skeletons, 6-8 units depending on whether you have a Level 1 or Level 2 Witch. The main use for Witches is to flood the defense with the summoned Skeletons to distract the defense while the Witch sits back and slowly destroys buildings. They are also incredibly great to have as Clan Castle troops. The biggest problem with Witches is that ultimately they do not do that much damage. It is the summoned Skeletons and Witch together that have an impact.

1 25 1 attack per .7 seconds 17.5 75 6 seconds
2 30 1 attack per .7 seconds 21 100 6 seconds
Level Training Cost (Dark Elixir) Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir) Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement Number of Skeletons
1 250 None None 9 3 per summon (6 max)
2 300 75,000 7 9 4 per summon (8 max)
Skeleton Movement Speed Skeleton Attack Speed Skeleton Damage Per Second Skeleton Damage Per Hit Skeleton Hitpoints Skeleton Preferred Target
24 1 attack per second 25 25 45 Any
Clash of Clans Witch

COC Witches

COC Witch Attack Strategy

When you can finally build a COC Witch and get to use them in your attacks it is a great day for any clasher. The main Witch attack strategy you want to you use is to save them for the very end when all of your other troops are deployed. That way they can just sit back and release those little Skeletons while the enemy defense is distracted by all of the other troops you deployed. Don’t be too concerned about time, because if done correctly the summoned Witch Skeletons can do a lot of damage. They are not that powerful by themselves, but when they are attacking buildings in a pack, especially a 3 or 4 Witch pack, they can do a lot of destruction. They are very fast, so they will cover a lot of ground while also ensuring the Witch stays behind them. You want to protect the actual Witch as best you can, because she does not have that many hitpoints and once she dies there will be no more Skeletons being summoned.

Clash of Clans Witches Attack Strategy

COC Witch Attack Strategy

Deploying Witches Safely

The best way to deploy Witches in Clash of Clans is to wait until all of your other troops have been deployed. This will allow your Witches to achieve maximum destruction, because by chilling behind your troops your Witches will just use there fireball attack to take out any remaining buildings while their summoned Skeletons run up and help to distract the defense and also cause some damage.

You also have some choices to make when it comes to Witch deployment (these suggestions assume that you are bringing at least 2-4 Witches to battle):

  • Deploy your Witches all at once in the same spot so that they create a swarm of Skeletons that can do maximum damage to buildings and distract a specific area of the enemy defense for a long time.
  • Stagger the deployment of your Witches so that they don’t all get taken out at the same time in case you run into a tough spot – left over traps and/or a bad area that is taking a lot of hits from the enemy Mortars, Wizard Towers, Inferno Towers, etc..
  • Deploy Witches all at once, but instead of dropping them in the same spot spread them out. This will allow your Witches to take on a “blanket attack” approach and cover lots of areas of the defense. This is the most popular approach since it is the safest and should usually result in the most amount of damage

Whatever you do, don’t deploy your Witches first. There are still way too many defensive units standing and they will not allow the Skeletons to do any damage at all. Also, as soon as your Skeletons die, and they will die quickly, your Clash of Clans Witches will be killed soon as well.

Witches for Farming

Using Witches for farming can be very productive. You just need to do it correctly. Follow the attack strategies for Witches that are mentioned above and you should be able to rake in some nice Elixir, Gold, and even Dark Elixir.  If you are trying to farm for Dark Elixir, it is probably best that you do not use any Dark Troops at all. However, if you are an experienced COC Witch farmer and search for bases that have an easily reachable Dark Elixir Storage or Dark Elixir Drills then you can definitely get some good return on your Dark Elixir investment.

Witches for War Armies 

You may have heard your Clan talking a lot about “Gowiwi” attacks, and when it comes down to it that is because using Witches for war is one of the smartest things to do. Once you really learn how to attack effectively with your Witches and you get in lots of practice during non war attacks, then you can eventually start 3 starring some enemy bases that you never thought possible. Since you are not farming and ready to spend lots of resources on your troops to try and win the war, you can build a great army for your Witches which will allow them to do what they are supposed to: flood the enemy base, overwhelming the defensive units with more summoned Skeletons than they know what to do with.

The troops you want to bring with you are a mix of the following: Golems, Giants, Wizards, Wall Breakers. Some prefer Giants, some prefer Golems, and some people use a mix, so you need to make a decision on that. The bottom line is you need some type of heavy hitpoint troop to absorb a lot of damage since Witches are weak and frail. Deploy your heavy set troops first along with a couple Wall Breakers if you built them. At this point you could drop a Rage Spell if you want. Next, deploy whatever high damage per second troop you brought along with you, whether those are Wizards, Valkyries, etc. Let that play out for a few seconds, and this is the time you need to drop your Jump Spell along with maybe another Rage or a Heal Spell. Now it is time to deploy your war Witches. Follow one of the Witch deployment strategies above and you should see all of this play out to at least 2 Stars for you and your clan.

Witches and the Rage Spell

The Rage Spell works great on Witches, just like it does for every single troop.  Some people don’t like using Rage Spells with Golems or Lava Hounds, but there is no debate when it comes to using Rage Spells with Witches. If you have used COC Witch attacks before with Rage Spells, then you have seen the mass destruction they can cause with their summoned skeleton units. Since Witches really depend on volume over value when it comes to damage per second, dropping a Rage Spell on Witches is a way that you can have the best of both worlds. The key here is to really lead them into it and place the Rage Spell safely in front. This is so you can perhaps get the Witch and her summoned Skeletons in the sweet spot as opposed to just one or the other.

Witches as a Clan Castle Unit

Lots of experienced clashers would agree that Witches are the best troop to have inside your Clan Castle, not only for attacking but also for your defense in war and regular play. The reason why Witches for Clan Castles are so good is because they take a very long time to draw out.

  • Witches are the last troop to exit the Clan Castle, so it takes a long time to get them out of there.
  • Witches have a moving speed of 12 per second, so once they exit the CC Witches are very slow to get to their target.
  • Since Witches summon Skeletons and regenerate them when they get killed, it will take your opponent a very long time to kill them and take out your Witch, so it is very unlikely they will have time to 3 star your base, especially if your base is very spread out.

If you are lucky enough, or good enough rather, to have room in your Clan Castle for two Witches, then you have a base that is going to be very difficult to 3 star, and CC Troops that can get you a huge score of resources or help you achieve a great 2 or 3 star battle for your Clan Castle in war. Just make sure to put the proper request in, and if you do have extra space then make sure it is filled with Wizards and/or Archers.

Witches Offensive Strategy

If you follow the attack strategies for Witches that are described above then you will be in good shape. The main thing you want to remember is deploy your Witches last and decide how you are going to drop them. Offensive strategies for Witches should always focus around preserving the Witches for as long as possible. To accomplish this you want to try and deploy them as far away from any danger as possible, but at the same time close enough where they can have a positive effect on the battle. It is not very often that you see a Witch COC dropped on the strong backside of the enemy base, but it can be done. Make sure that there enough troops left to distract the defenses and the strong side Witch drop could work out in your favor.

Witch Defense Strategy

Everybody wishes that there was a sure fire way to stop a Witch attack, but unfortunately there is not. The best defensive strategy for Witches you can use is to create lots of different sections in your base with your walls. Some people might recommend using a spread base, but the summoned skeleton units are way too fast, and they build up a swarm they will have no issue reaching every single nook and cranny of a spread apart base. However, walls an very well stop Witches. Since the summoned skeleton units are very weak, they will be killed quickly when they get built up against a wall, especially Level 8 walls and higher. The Witch might be able to regenerate the Skeletons quick enough to get through 1 or 2, but eventually the Defensive units will get ahead of her magic and send her back to the dark hell in which she came.

Witch Training Cost 

The training cost for Witches is very reasonable. Priced at 250 DE for Level 1, and 300 DE or Level 2, Witches are a very affordable Dark Troop. However, if you use Witches incorrectly then they could very quickly, so in that case they would be very expensive. If you use them with care and deploy them safely, that 250-300 Dark Elixir will seem like a very small amount of resources, because they can absolutely be the cherry on top of your attack. Once you get a good swarm of summoned Skeletons going from 2-6 Witches there is not much your opponent will be able to do. The only things that will stop you after that happens are lots of walls or a couple Inferno Towers.

Witches Housing Space

The housing space for Witches could be better. Taking up 12 housing spaces, Witches are a bit of a commitment when it comes to deciding which troops to build for your attack. The reason why Witches take up so much housing space is because they summon other troops – Skeletons. If it was just the Witch alone she would probably be worth 2 or maybe 3 housing spaces, but since she is able to create anywhere from 6-8 additional units while in battle she is given a much higher value. In some of the next updates it is very likely that you will see increase to the hitpoints and damage per second of the actual Witch herself.

Clash of Clans Witches Main Points

  • Don’t bother using Heal Spells with Witches and their summoned Skeletons, it will not do much since they do not have that much health to protect in the first place.
  • When you are deploying your Witches, make sure to do it after all of your other troops have been deployed.
  • If you have any chance of becoming a Clash of Clans Witch attacking master, then you will know to spread your Witches out if you want the best results possible.
  • Use Rage Spells and Jump Spells with Witches to maximize the damage they can contribute.
  • Witches can be a very good troop to clean up outside the walls since their summoned Skeletons are so quick. Just make sure there are no defenses left, or that they are distracted, to take them out.
  • Practice and master the “Gowiwi attack” (Golems, Wizards, and Witches) attack if you want to be a valuable asset to your Clan in war.
  • If you are using Witches for farming, try to search for bases that do not have a lot of walls creating separate sections, otherwise the Skeleton units will get stuck and die very quickly
  • Request Witches for your Clan Castle, in War and for farming & trophy pushing
  • When you are drawing out a Witch from the Clan Castle, make sure you use Barbarians and/or Archers to keep her coming out. Use the side to side approach here where you continue to place them farther away from side to side to help draw her and the Skeletons where you want them
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