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Clash of Clans Wizard – Tips, Stats & Upgrades


Clash of Clans Wizard Basic Information, Stats, & Levels

Wizards are the boss troop, the troop that you try to upgrade 1st, and one of the most powerful troops when it comes to damage per second. 99% of war armies contain at least a couple Wizards, and that is because they are so crucial if you really want to do quick damage to the enemy base. The biggest weaknesses of Wizards is that they are slow and that they die pretty quickly, so you will want to make sure to clear the path of hidden traps and provide as much protection in front of them as possible. Once you get your Wizards up to Level 5 you will be very happy with the amount of damage they can bring to your attacks.

1 50 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 75 75
2 70 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 105 90
3 90 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 135 108
4 125 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 187.5 130
5 170 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 255 156
6 180 1 attack per 1.5 seconds 270 164
Level Training Cost Upgrade Cost Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 1500 None None 5
2 2000 150,000 3 5
3 2500 450,000 4 6
4 3000 1,350,000 5 7
5 3500 2,500,000 6 8
6 4000 7,500,000 8 10
Clash of Clans Wizard

COC Wizards

COC Wizard Attack Strategy

Clash of Clans Wizard attack strategies are the ones that will get you 6 star wars and lots of loot when farming. There are lots of different combinations you can use, but ultimately you want to be able to set your Wizards up in a way where they can attack without being hurt, otherwise they are going to die very quickly since they can only withstand a few hits from any defensive unit.

The main troops that you want to bring to battle with Wizards are Giants, Golems, and/or Valkyries. These are very important support troops for Wizards because they provide the hitpoint protection they need in order to destroy buildings, break through walls, and continue on their fireball blasting path.

Wizards with Giants – This is one of the most powerful and widely used combos in the game for multiple reasons. Not only are Giants pretty cheap to build and can be produced quickly, but they target defensive units and distract them while the Wizards can chill behind them and crush the other buildings. Make sure to deploy your Giants spread out in a row in the areas you want to target. Then, drop some Wall Breakers so they can actually break through the perimeter and start doing some damage. Now, it is time to deploy your Wizards. Make sure you are spreading them out and assigning them to different targets, that way they do not get taken out all at once by hidden traps and can clear the outside before they dive in. Use Rage, Jump, and Heal Spells here to maximize your attack.

Wizards with Golems – Golems should be used in the same way as Giants, but the biggest difference is that you really need to focus on how to get them inside the walls. Giants can break through eventually, but Golems are too weak and will just get stuck, so make sure to bring enough Wall Breakers and/or Jump Spells.

Wizards with Valkyries – Valkyries are definitely tough to get right with Wizards, but if done the right way they can be a devastating duo of power. The trick is to still use a couple Giants or just one Golem, but as long as you don’t use too many you can build a little Valkryire army to deploy as 2nd layer Wizard protection (after the Giants/Golem and before the Wizards. That 2nd layer of Valkyries will shred through anything they touch with the blasts from the Wizards behind them. This might be one of the best attack strategies for Wizards Clash of Clans has seen yet.

Clash of Clans Wizard Attack

COC Wizards Attack

Deploying Wizards Safely

In order to get your Wizards deep into the base and destroy your targets you want to make sure to always deploy Giants, Golems, or Valkyries in front of them. COC Wizard attack gurus will also carefully study the base they are going for and figure out the best spots to drop their Wizards. A couple things you want to look for are:

  • Storages & Clan Castle – these are heavy set buildings that take a long time to take down, so it might be a good idea to place a couple Wizards by them if possible. Also, try Raging into these buildings when you get to them. Lastly, Heal Spells can go a long way if they are not taking too much fire on.
  • Possible Trap Areas – usually they will be hiding in the empty spaces within the base. Try your hardest to find the gaps, spaces, and areas where you think the traps might be hiding. After you do that make sure to either avoid that area or send some Giants that direction to clear it out first. Wizards don’t really clump up much, but each one is valuable and you don’t want them getting blown up or sprung out.

Wizards for Farming

Wizards are a great farming troop because they can really empty out storages quickly, the key is just getting them there. One of the most classic ways to farm with Wizards is to use Giants, Archers, Barbarians, and Wall Breakers. This is the most economical approach to farming that gives you the best upside. If you are going to use Wizards for farming, all you need is at least 2-3 to have an impact. You can definitely bring more than that with you and see it pay off, but just know that you don’t have to over produce Wizards to see them have a positive effect on your battle, as long as you place them correctly.

Try to stay as close as possible to the traditional “Barching” strategy as you can. The only difference will be that you deploy some Wizards along with the Archers, either at the same time or after. If you can practice this technique and really get it down, then you will be raking in the loot with your Wiz attacks. Just make sure to pick the right bases to attack, otherwise you might find yourself down a lot of Elixir, because after a lot of attacks with Wizards you will be spending a good amount of Elixir to build them.

Wizards for War Armies

Deciding how many Wizards to bring with you to war is going to be one off the toughest decisions you will ever make in this game. It will largely depend on which other troops you are bringing with them, but it will also depend on the setup of the base you want to attack.

The most common troop combos for Wizard war attack strategies are the following:

  • Wizards, Pekkas, Golems, Wall Breakers
  • Wizards, Golems, Valkyries, Wall Breakers
  • Wizards, Balloons, Lava Hounds
  • Wizards, Golems, Hogs
  • Wizards, Golems, Pekkas Witches, Wall Breakers

In any of the combos above, you can and should bring 2-8 Archers with you to either draw the CC troops or pick off some buildings that are along the outside perimeter. Whatever you decide, the most important thing is to practice, practice, and practice more. War attacks are much harder since there will be no defensive units upgrading and since the Clan Castle will be stuffed full of strong troops, probably a Dragon or Lava Hound.

Make sure you protect your Wizards by providing some type of distraction with a heavier set troop, otherwise they are going to be killed very quickly. Also, you might want to save a few and not deploy them all at once. This will ensure that you at least have a few Wizards left to help destroy the base in the case that a Giant Bomb goes off and kills off an entire bunch of them. To help avoid having them killed by a Giant Bomb, try spreading them out a lot. That will help them do more damage and will minimize the risk of getting destroyed by Giant Bombs.

Wizards and the Rage Spell

Wizards are the perfect candidate for the Rage Spell. Since they are one of the most high damage troops available pound per pound, Rage Spells just make them go nuts. Not only do they absolutely destroy stuff, but they move a lot faster too. Their speed is one of their biggest downsides along with their hitpoints, so speeding them up with Rage or Haste is going to make a huge difference.  Like most troops, you want to make sure to predict where they are going next so that you can lead them into the Rage radius as much as possible.

Heal Spells are also great to use with Wizards. Since they have such low hitpoints, placing a Heal Spell over them can really make them last a lot longer. Pay close attention to your Wizards and if you see that your protector troops are about to die, or that they have taken some damage from hidden traps, then it is probably a good time to drop a Heal Spell over them so they can replenish and regenerate as they take on damage and still dish out some.

Wizards as a Clan Castle Unit

Wizards used to be one of the best Clan Castle troops you can use. However, the Poison Spell has made it very difficult for CC Wizards to do a good job. They are great to use in your Clan Castle if you are attacking for farming or for war, but as defensive Clan Castle troops Wizards do not do that great. The best troops to pair with Wizards in your Clan Castle are Pekkas, Golems, Dragons, and maybe Balloons. Anything else is not going to be as strong as the troops mentioned above.

Wizards Offensive Strategy

To be an expert Clash of Clans Wizard attacker you need to remember the basic principles of attacking with Wizards. Offensive strategy for Wizards should always involve some sort of distraction troop, Rage and Heal Spells, Wall Breakers or Jump Spells, and paying close attention to their status.

Bringing a swarm of Wizards is not the smartest thing in the world, because they are going to die very quickly without doing much damage since there are no Wall Breakers to get them inside the base. Also, it is going to cost you a fortune. If you can figure out how to create a lot of damage with the smallest amount of Wizards as possible you are going to be in a great position to see success, because that means you can bring other powerful troops like P.E.K.K.A.’s, Valkyries, Withces, and more.

Wizard Tower Defense Strategy

The best defensive strategy for Wizards is to just upgrade your defenses as much as possible, especially your Wizard Towers, Archer Towers, and Mortars. Since Wizards are so versatile there is not 1 or 2 ways of attacking that you can prepare for, there are lots of different Wizard attack strategies that can dice up your base. A couple things you can do to defend from Wizards are:

  • Place your hidden traps in places where you think they might deploy Wizards
  • Keep your Mortars spread out from each other and keep them on the inside of your base. Since they have long range they will reach the Wizards, and it will only take a few Mortar blasts to kill them depending on what level your Mortars and the Wizards are
  • Use the same advice above for Mortars but for your Wizard Towers too, the only difference is that you can keep your Wizard Towers on the outside of the base, even the corners
  • Spread out your Archer Towers so that multiple AT’s can reach the attacking Wizards at any give point in time

If you fail to follow at least a couple of the tips above, it is likely your base will be an easy target for an experienced Clash of Clans Wizard attacker. Make sure you watch your replays so you can see where your base is most vulnerable and most strong, because constantly improving your base is one of the most important parts of the game.

Wizard Training Cost 

The training cost for Wizards can definitely start adding up quickly, because they are not cheap. Ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 Elixir, Wizards definitely command a price that corresponds with their damage per second. If they were any cheaper, you would see swarms of Wizards all the time with Golems and Giants just shredding through your base. The masterminds at Supercell put a lot of thought into every aspect of the game in order to make it as balanced as possible, so even though it feels like they take a long time to build it is all for the best.

Wizards Housing Space

Wizards take up 4 units in housing space, which is pretty fair considering they do not have that many hitpoints. It would be better if they took up 3, but 4 is not too shabby. The most Wizards you want to build at one time, for farming or war, is about 20. Any more than that and you are not going to have enough space for other troops, and you are not going to be able to do as much damage as you think unless you use lots of Rage, Heal, and Jump Spells.

Clash of Clans Wizards Main Points

  • Bring Giants or Golems with you to provide cover for the frail Wizards
  • Spread the Wizards out when you are deploying them. This will help maximize damage and minimize harm from hidden traps and splash damage
  • Wizards work great with all spells, especially Heal and Rage
  • When executing war attacks with Wizards, spread the Wizards out along an entire flat side of the perimeter of the base; this will remove all of the buildings from the outside so that your Pekkas and other ground troops don’t have anything to get distracted by and can go directly in to the base
  • Wizards are the perfect troop to use to kill Clan Castle Just surround the target and don’t clump them together. This will help you defeat those pesky Drags and Hounds
  • Don’t put Wizards in your own CC when in war, otherwise the Poison Spell will take your “Wizzies” out quick.
  • Make sure to clear the path of your Wizards with other big troops before you deploy, that way you can avoid as many traps as possible.
  • If you are farming for Elixir, only bring 1-4 Wizards with you, if any at all
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