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Golem Clash of Clans – Tips, Stats, and More!


Clash of Clans Golem Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

 When you know how to use a Golem Clash of Clans seems a whole lot easier to get 3 star attacks and lots of loot. Known for the insane amount of hitpoints they have, Golems are able to absorb lots of fire power so that your other troops can wreak havoc on your enemy. If used correctly, COC Golems can be the difference maker in the game. Just make sure you don’t waste them because they have a very long build time and cost a lot of Dark Elixir.

1 38 1 attack per 2.4 seconds 91.2 4500
2 42 1 attack per 2.4 seconds 100.8 5000
3 46 1 attack per 2.4 seconds 110.4 5500
4 50 1 attack per 2.4 seconds 120 6000
5 54 1 attack per 2.4 seconds 129.6 6300
Level Training Cost (Dark Elixir) Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir) Laboratory Level Town Hall Requirement
1 450 None None 8
2 525 60,000 6 8
3 600 70,000 7 9
4 675 80,000 7 9
5 750 90,000 8 10
Level Golem Explosion Damage Golemite DPS/Damage Per Hit (DPH) Golemite Health Golemite Explosion Damage
1 350 7 DPS, 21 DPH 900 70
2 400 8 DPS, 24 DPH 1000 80
3 450 9 DPS, 27 DPH 1100 90
4 500 10 DPS, 30 DPH 1200 100
5 550 11 DPS, 33 DPH 1260 110

COC Golem Attack Strategy

 Attacking with Golems is one of the most important aspects of the game to learn. Even at Level 1, when you use Golems COC becomes much easier. Your troops live longer, you can penetrate deeper into defenses, and it increases your likelihood of getting 100% destruction and 3 stars in war for your clan. The general principal of the Golem attack strategy is to distract the enemy defenses so that other troops such as Archers, Wizards, Valkyries, etc. can destroy as many defensive units and resource collectors as possible. Golems also do a great job of clearing hidden traps out of the way – they are too heavy to be shot out by Spring Traps, too strong to be effected by Giant Bombs and Bombs, and will sustain the damage from Skeleton Traps for a very long time. You can even pair Golems with air troops like Minions, Lava Hounds, and Balloons to implement a very effective hybrid attack strategy for Golems.

Clash of Clans Golem

COC Golems

Deploying Golems Safely

There is not really any way for you to deploy Golems and get them instantly destroyed. At the very least they are going to provide a good amount of cover for your other troops. However, there are ways you can deploy Golems that will really maximize the amount of damage you can do.

The first thing you want to remember is to spread them out. This Golem deployment strategy assumes that you will have at least 2 Golems, but typically that is the case. Only sometimes would you use 1 golem, like if you were farming or if you want to conserve your housing space for other troops. If you are using 2 to 5 Golems, which you should be, you want to spread them out a good amount but not too much. Spreading them out allows for as many defensive units as possible to hone in on them and distract them from the other troops you will deploy next. You want to be careful to not spread them out too much though, because if too many defensive units target a single Golem they can take it out fairly quickly. Be very aware of what defenses they have on the outside of their walls, because if you drop your Golems close enough to that unit they will go strait for it and possibly mess up your entire attack. If there are defensive units scattered around on the outside, you may want to try to use a Wall Breaker so that the Golem can make it inside the base.

The other Golem deployment strategy you can use is to clump them together. They will absorb a lot more damage quicker since splash damage defenses can get all of them at once, but with this method you will be able to control where they go much easier. Try out different spacing techniques and find the one that works best for you, it also depends on the other troops that you are bringing to battle with them.

Clash of Clans Golem Attack Strategy

COC Golems Attack

Golems for Farming

It is not very often that Golems are used for farming since they cost a lot of Dark Elixir and take a long time to make. They are considered more of a premium troop that you would use in war or if you are trying to push (gain trophies). However, if you are farming for Gold or Elixir and are not too considered about preserving your Dark Elixir, you may want to try bringing 1-3 Golems with you to battle so that you can distract the defense while your Archers, Wizards, and Goblins take down their resource collectors and storages.

“Gowipe” (Golem/Wizard/Pekka), “Gowiwi” (Golem/Wizards), and “Goloon” (Golem/Ballons) attacks are usually used for war attacks since they are very expensive armies to build. Since you are spending so much Dark Elixir on your Golem/s, you probably want to be as conservative as possible in terms of cost when it comes to the other troops you build. It might be a good idea to build Minions to go with your Golem, especially if you don’t care about preserving your Dark Elixir.

Golems for War Armies

 War is what Golems were made for. It would be foolish to talk about Golems war strategies without mentioning the “Gowipe” attack. It is probably the most popular and widely used attack in the entire game, and it can be customized to fit your battle style. Assuming you have at least 220 housing space, you want to build 3-5 Golems, 2-4 Pekkas, 7-15 Wizards, 1-6 Archers, 0-9 Wall Breakers, and Rage/Heal/Jump spells. This is the special “Gowipe” combo recipe that will take you to the next level and help you earn mad respect from your clan mates. There are lots of different ways you can do it, but this is the general order that you want to do things:

*** If you are drawing Clan Castle Troops then use Giants or Hogs. Draw them out with archers and then deploy your Golems. Once the CC Troops are distracted by the Golems drop some Wizards behind so they take them out. If you are not drawing the CC Troops than ignore this step and follow the steps below.

  • Deploy your Golems and spread them out about 6-10 tiles. Try to deploy them in a spot that is as far out of range from the Clan Castle as possible, this will buy you time before those bastards come out and start killing them. Also pay attention to the defenses you are dropping them buy, try to envision where they are going to go and make sure they get spread out nicely.
  • Deploy your Wizards in a Row evenly behind where your Golems are. You might want to save 1 or 2 to pick up those last % points you need to reach 50% destruction. Try and wait for your Golems to go as deep as possible without waiting for too long, that way they set off as many hidden traps as possible.
  • Deploy your Wall Breakers if you have them, try to aim for the kinks so you can gain entry to two access points at once.
  • Drop a Rage or Heal Spell that leads the Golem, but not too much because you want your Wizards (and Wall Breakers if Rage Spell) to get inside the radius as well. This will help protect your troops from the Clan Castle Troops, or help strengthen them if it is a Rage Spell so you can kill them quickly.
  • Drop a Jump Spell where you need to in order to get your Troops into the middle of the enemy base where the Town Hall most likely is. You could even do this before you deploy your Wizards and even Golems if you have a high level Jump Spell.
  • Now it is time to drop your Pekkas. Before you do make sure there are no buildings on the outside that they can get distracted by and veer off. Deploying your Pekkas will make or break you here.
  • Drop your Heroes right behind the Pekkas. You could wait to drop your Archer Queen so that she sits behind all of them. Don’t forgot to keep an eye on them so you can use their abilities at the perfect time. Don’t use it preemptively either, only use the abilities if they are going to die.
  • Determine where your Pekkas are headed and drop another Rage Spell that leads them into the area you want, probably the middle.
  • Wait a few seconds to let the mayhem ensue and to see what direction your Gowipe attack goes.
  • Now it is time to drop what could be your last Rage Spell or Heal Spell. Make sure to drop it in a place where your Pekkas, and hopefully Wizards if you still have them left, are able to be in the sweet spot for as long as possible.
  • If you have any spells left wait until the last one is done and drop it with the same strategy
  • Wait a few seconds to see how it is going
  • Drop any remaining archers or Wizards you have, and be very strategic about where you place them. Make sure they are out of range from any defensive units so that your Archers can live long enough to get the percentage points you need

Golems and the Rage Spell

A lot of clashers don’t like using the Rage Spell with Golems because they don’t think that it does much. They are wrong. Golems are extremely slow and very weak, so when you use Rage with Golems it allows them move quicker and actually do some decent damage to the building they are attacking. Getting your Golems out in front of your other troops is very important, so if that means that you have to use a Rage Spell to speed them up and get them closer to the middle of the enemy base, so be it. It might also be a good idea to use the Rage Spell on Golems when they are approaching a high hitpoint defense unit like an X-Bow or Inferno Tower, this will allow them to take it down much quicker. Another good time to drop a Rage Spell with Golems is when they are about to approach multiple defensive units that are within the same section and not separated by walls. This will allow your Golems to destroy those buildings much quicker, as opposed to using the Rage Spell just for it to be wasted on a wall.

Golems as a Clan Castle Unit

As a Clan Castle unit Golems are basically worthless. Not only will it take them the entire 3 minutes to get to the attacking troops, but when they finally get there they are not going to make much of an impact due to their lack luster attacking ability and low damage per second. Best case scenario is they distract the enemy troops for long enough so that your defensive units can take them out, but chances are that expensive Golem is going to be a complete waste.

Golems Offensive Strategy

There is a very good description of how to use Golems for war attacks above, but the overall offensive strategy for Golems is to use them as distractions and hitpoint absorbers. When you correctly use a Golem Clash of Clans is much easier and a lot more fun, because your more exciting troops like Wizards and Valkyries can actually live long enough to do some real damage. Without a big firepower absorber like the Golem, and Giants, your higher damage per second troops can die very quickly, and that can make all of the different in your attack. You want to make sure to either spread your Golems out so that they can distract as many defensive units as possible, or keep them bunched up so you can control where they go. The only thing you want to try and avoid is having your Golems COC go rogue and start chasing after random defensive units that are outside the walls. The best number of Golems to bring to battle is 3 or 5, but depending on your Golem attack strategy you can bring anywhere from 1-5 and still get 100% destruction.

Golem Defense Strategy

There is not really a set and sure way to defend against Golems. If you are worried about Golem attacks, which you should be, try to build your base so that it has as many different sections as possible. Since Golems are so weak, it will take them forever to break through walls and when they get stuck the other troops will become vulnerable and get killed off very quickly. Another approach you can take is to spread out your base. Since Golems are so slow it will take them a long time to travel in between units, so the entire time they are doing their slow crawl to the next defensive unit they will be taking on firepower and dying. Golems are immune to Spring Traps, but you can still place your Giant Bombs and Skeleton Traps strategically. The best way to do it is to place one of your Hidden Teslas outside of your base where it seems most vulnerable. Then, place your traps in front of the Tesla so that the Golem walks right up to them and sets them off. You can use other defensive units as well, it might even make it more likely for the attacker to try to take those out first.

Golem Training Cost 

The training cost for Golems is pretty fair compared to the cost of other troops. Ranging from 450-750 Dark Elixir, Golems do cost a pretty penny, but they are worth it. The amount of Hit Points a Golem has is equal to LOTS of Giants. There is not a comparable troop in the game. The closest troop there is when it comes to hitpoints is the Lava Hound. Depending on what level your troops are the Lava Hound can even absorb more damage then Golems. However, Golems go after all defenses while Lava hounds focus on Air Defense. Make sure you have enough Dark Elixir in your storage when you are approaching war time, because you don’t want to be gemming Golems, that can become very costly.

Golems Housing Space

Golems take up 30 housing units, but hey, they are worth it! Without Golems Clash of Clans would be a much more difficult game to get 3 stars in. Even though they take up a lot of housing space, Golems allow you to make the most use out of your other troops, so in a way they maximize your housing space and attacking capabilities. Without Golems in your army, your other troops wil die off very quickly and you will have to build more troops and go to battle again. When you use Golems, it allows your other troops to live longer and hence destroy more of the enemy base you are attacking. If Golems took up any less housing space than they already do, people would just pack their Barracks full of them and they would not be able to be stopped. The higher-ups at Supercell think everything out and try to make it as fair as possible, and when it comes to the housing space for Golems they did a great job.

Clash of Clans Golem Main Points

  • Use Golems as distractions and hitpoint absorbers so that your higher dame per second troops can do achieve max destruction
  • Try to spread your Golems out to disperse splash damage away from your other troops OR clump them together so that you can control them all the way to the middle of the enemy base
  • Build 1-5 Golems to take to battle
  • Don’t be scared to use Rage Spells and even Heal Spells with Golems. They will do their job
  • Do defend from Golem attacks, use your walls to build lots of sections OR spread out your defensive units so that they have a long way to walk in between
  • The best troops to pair with Golems are Wizards, Pekkas, and Valkyries
  • Deploy your Heroes behind your Golems so that they can be protected and do maximum damage
  • If you are trying to farm for Dark Elixir don’t use Golems because they are way to expensive
  • COC Golems are one of the most important troops in the game, so start upgrading them as soon as you can. Level 5 Golems are a game changer!
GowipeGolem Clash of Clans – Tips, Stats, and More!