Clash of Clans Air Sweeper

Clash of Clans Air Sweeper – Stats and Strategies


Air Sweeper Basic Information

The newest defensive structure (as of this writing) to be introduced in the CoC Sweeper update in 2015, the Air Sweeper is one of the more peculiar buildings in the game. This is because it doesn’t actually inflict damage on any units. Instead, it uses powerful blasts of air to push away air troops in a certain direction.

(In-Game Description)

“Air Sweepers control the sky with strong blasts of air that push back flying enemies. Air Sweepers can only face one direction, so rotate them to maximize their effectiveness.”

You might be asking yourself; what’s the point if they don’t do damage? With an Air Sweeper in action, your structures that CAN attack troops like Balloons, Dragons, and Minions will have more time to eliminate them. This is because the attacking aerial troops will keep getting knocked back and away from other defenses, making them take longer to finally reach their target and attack it. Note that an Air Sweeper does absolutely nothing to ground units.

Air Sweeper Stats, Levels, and Requirements

*Attack Speed at all levels is 5/second.

Air Sweeper Level 1

Push Strength 1.6 Tiles
Hitpoints 750
Range 1-15 Tiles
Targets Air
Favorite Target Any
Cost 500,00 Gold
Build Time 1 Day
Experience Received 293
Town Hall Required 6

Air Sweeper Level 2

Push Strength 2.0 Tiles
Hitpoints 800
Range 1-15 Tiles
Targets Air
Favorite Target Any
Cost 750,000 Gold
Build Time 3 Days
Experience Received 509
Town Hall Required 6

Air Sweeper Level 3

Push Strength 2.4 Tiles
Hitpoints 850
Range 1-15 Tiles
Targets Air
Favorite Target Any
Cost 1,250,000 Gold
Build Time 5 Days
Experience Received 657
Town Hall Required 7

Air Sweeper Level 4

Push Strength 2.8 Tiles
Hitpoints 900
Range 1-15 Tiles
Targets Air
Favorite Target Any
Cost 2,400,000 Gold
Build Time 7 Days
Experience Received 777
Town Hall Required 8

Air Sweeper Level 5

Push Strength 3.2 Tiles
Hitpoints 950
Range 1-15 Tiles
Targets Air
Favorite Target Any
Cost 4,800,000 Gold
Build Time 8 Days
Experience Received 831
Town Hall Required 9

Air Sweeper Level 6

Push Strength 3.6 Tiles
Hitpoints 1,000
Range 1-15 Tiles
Targets Air
Favorite Target Any
Cost 7,200,000 Gold
Build Time 9 Days
Experience Received 881
Town Hall Required 10

Air Sweeper Defense Strategy

Since these structures can only blast air in a 120 degree radius, place them where they will cause attacking aerial troops to go toward defensive structures like Wizards, Archer Towers, and especially Air Defenses. This is very important since a lot of Trophy hunters go for the latest strategy that involves Lava Hounds and Balloons. These kinds of attacks can be ruined with proper Air Sweeper placement.

It’s also possible to use Air Sweepers in order to trick attackers. This is done by placing a heavy amount of anti-air defenses such as Seeking Air Mines and Air Bombs wherever there aren’t any Air Sweepers at your base. This will lead invaders into thinking there is a weak point where their troops will be able to cause destruction easily, only to receive a heavy blow from your anti-air defenses.

Keep in mind that although an Air Sweeper upgrade tends to be expensive, some of the later levels are capable of holding back even a large group of Balloons long enough for even your weakest anti-air defenses to take them out.

Air Sweeper Offensive Strategy

If you’re going for an air attack, try launching your attack where the defending Air Sweepers won’t be able to affect your troops. When this seems inevitable, it’s not a bad idea to keep a Haste Spell or Rage Spell handy so that your slow-moving troops like Balloons will reach the Air Sweeper and destroy it. If you really think an Air Sweeper will mess up your airborne attack, note that an Air Sweeper at Level 1 can be destroyed by 3 Lightning Spells at level 3 or 2 Lightning Spells at level 4.

Although Air Sweepers can cover a 120 degree radius, they can only shoot a blast of air that covers a 30 degree angle. Because of this, you should deploy air troops in a semicircle to avoid all of them getting pushed back.


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