Clash of Clans Barching Attack Strategy

Clash of Clans Barching Attacks – Tips and Strategies


Barching Attacks Clash of Clans

When you think about an attack strategy that not only works for looting but is also capable of earning you plenty of trophies, a few unit combinations come to mind. Maybe you think about the popular GoWiWi attack strategy consisting of Golems, Witches, and Wizards, or perhaps you’d prefer a mix of Lava Hounds and Balloons to unleash the devastating LavaLoon attack strategy. Of course, both those setups may help you climb the trophy ranks but they are also quite expensive resource-wise.

Believe it or not, players have discovered that one of the most effective army arrangements for both looting and trophy hunting involves the two simplest units: archers and barbarians.

Barch Attack Strategy

Why Barching Works

A Barch army consists equally of half Barbarians, half Archers. So if your total troop capacity is 220, you’ll produce 110 Barbarians and 110 Archers. Simple, right? One of the main reasons the barch attack strategy has become so common is because it is both cheap and fast to set up. This of course makes sense since as some of the earliest units in the game, both Barbarians and Archers cost little to produce compared to other troops and also get spit out of the Barracks fairly quickly.

You’ll also be able to do several attacks in a short time frame because while you’re assaulting a base you can already count on your army replenishing again since Barracks continue producing units during an attack. Of course, this strategy will rarely get you more than 1 star and so while it is very cost effective, it is far from being the fastest way of gaining trophies.

Barch Attacks For Loot

When it comes to looting this strategy is simple: look for bases with exposed Elixir Collectors, Gold Mines, and Dark Elixir Drills, preferably ones that are full. Since most people put these resource collectors on the outside of their walls, they are often only being protected by one or two defensive structures. This makes it easy to send in a group of Barbarians to tank the Archer Tower or Cannon while the Archers move in to damage the collectors.

This works great because Barbarians and Archers are cheap, which means that you have a lot to gain and little to lose if you target collectors or mines ripe with their respective resource. Just be careful when there is a nearby Wizard Tower or Mortar as these can certainly devastate your group without a problem.

Barch Attack For Trophies

Your goal with this strategy is to do 50% damage to the enemy base, which will earn you a star. While you won’t be getting a lot of trophies most of the time for a single star, it’s still one of the most cost effective ways of moving up. In fact, people have proven that this army composition can be used to reach ranks as high as Crystal and Masters league. But again, the only problem is that it does take a long time this way since you’re not only doing a lot of searching for the right target but you also should only expect to get one star per attack.

To get 50% damage on a base, send out a wave of Barbarians followed by a wave of Archers. The Barbs will tank most of the damage while Archers take down structures from a distance. Like with looting, you’ll want to spend as much time as it takes to find the right base for this attack. This includes villages that don’t have a lot of defense structures reaching toward the outer perimeter of their base. Between mines, collectors, barracks, army camps, builder’s huts, and other structures often placed on the edges of a base, you should have no problem reaching 50%

Other Barch Attack Strategy Tips

While you should be good with a 50/50 army of Archers and Barbarians, it doesn’t hurt to bring in some extra help. Lightning Spells are great for taking out Wizard Towers and other dangerous defenses that can render your attack useless. If you have them, a Barbarian King and Archer Queen can also save the day if you weren’t able to reach 50% and only need a couple more buildings to get that star.

Last but not least, having great Clan Castle troops can also boost your chances of success. Hopefully you’ll have generous clan mates you will give you units much more powerful than your Archers and Barbarians. Since they don’t cost you anything, the attack remains cheap for you but now much more likely to succeed thanks to some added strength.

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