Clash of Clans Skeleton Traps

Clash of Clans Skeleton Trap – Basic Information, Levels, & Tips


COC Skeleton Trap Basic Information

The October 2014 Halloween update made the Skeleton Trap permanent and thus available long after the event. They are one of the most versatile and effective traps in the game thanks to their ability to inflict damage on either ground troops or aerial foes. Like all other traps, they stay invisible and only pop up once an enemy unit enters its trigger radius. Whether it is set to Ground or Air, the trigger radius is always 5 Tiles.

(In-Game Description)

“Ambush and distract unsuspecting foes with a surprise skirmish of short-lived, but sneaky skeleton troops! Skeleton Traps can be configured to pursue ground or air troops.”

The number of Skeletons released increases with each level, making Skeleton traps worth upgrading as soon as possible. They also have the very same stats as the Skeletons a Witch summons. The only distinction is that Skeleton Trap units feature a small skull icon next to them.

Skeleton Trap Stats and Upgrade Requirements.

Skeleton Trap Level 1

Skeletons Spawned 2
Build Cost 6,000 Gold
Re-arm Cost 6,000 Gold
Build Time None
Experience Received 0
Town Hall Required 8

Skeleton Trap Level 2

Skeletons Spawned 3
Build Cost 600,000 Gold
Re-arm Cost 8,000 Gold
Build Time 6 Hours
Experience Received 146
Town Hall Required 8

Skeleton Trap Level 3

Skeletons Spawned 4
Build Cost 1,300,000 Gold
Re-arm Cost 10,000 Gold
Build Time 1 Day
Experience Received 293
Town Hall Required 9

Skeleton Trap Strategy When Attacking

Even at the highest upgrade level, the units from a Skeleton Trap aren’t likely to wipe out your army. However, they can still prove annoying if one of your strong but vulnerable units strays into one of them and gets taken out. There’s nothing worse than losing a Witch or Wizard to these guys. Of course, stumbling into a group of Skeleton Traps can delay your attack and make you lose a few weak units.

Since it’s hard to determine where a Skeleton Trap might be laying, your best bet is to simply toss a few units and see if they happen to trigger one. If this happens, lure the Skeletons to a corner and kill them with a few Barbarians. Killing Skeletons set to Air mode is a bit more annoying still manageable– just lure them away to where a unit capable of shooting aerial enemies can kill them off quickly.

Skeleton Trap Strategy For Defense

Placing your Skeleton Traps somewhere in the middle of your base or at least behind walls is definitely recommended. This will increase the chances that your enemy will trigger them only after unleashing most of their troops, which means they’ll be unable to lure them away and kill them off easily.

It’s also not a bad idea to place them near important structures such as storages or your Town Hall. As for whether you set them to Air or Ground, it mostly depends on where you set them and the types of attacks you receive the most. For example, if you have a good amount of Air Defenses, Air Bombs, and Seeking Air Mines scattered throughout your village, it might be better to set them to Ground. At the same time, you might want to keep them in Air mode if one of your village sides has weak air defenses, an Air Defense is upgrading, etc.

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