Clash of Clans Clan Castle

Clash of Clans Clan Castle – Stats, Levels & Strategies


Clan Castle Basic Information

One of the most important structures in the game, the Clan Castle is required in order to either create or join a Clan. It also allows you to request and receive troops from clan members for use during an attack or for defense when your village is being raided. The max number of Clan Castle troops you can have depends on the level of the structure– each Clan Castle upgrade raises the max by 5 troops.

(In-Game Description)

“The Clan Castle houses any reinforcement troops sent by your clanmates. Bonus loot won in Clan Wars is automatically stored in the Clan Castle at the end of every war.”

This structure also holds War loot received in Clan Wars. This Clan Castle loot has to be collected similar to mines, collectors, and drills to be used. Note that the Clan Castle storage capacity for all three resource types depends on the level of the structure.

Clan Castle Levels and Requirements Info

Clan Castle Level 1

Cost to Build 10,000 Gold
Hitpoints 1,000
Max # of Troops 10
War Loot Capacity 75,000 Gold : 75,000 Elixir : 500 Dark Elixir
Build Time None
Experience Received None
Town Hall Required 3
Trigger Radius 12 Tiles

Clan Castle Level 2

Cost to Build 100,000 Gold
Hitpoints 1,4000
Max # of Troops 15
War Loot Capacity 250,000 Gold : 250,000 Elixir : 1,000 Dark Elixir
Build Time 6 Hours
Experience Received 146
Town Hall Required 4
Trigger Radius 12 Tiles

Clan Castle Level 3

Cost to Build 800,000 Gold
Hitpoints 2,000
Max # of Troops 20
War Loot Capacity 700,000 Gold : 700,000 Elixir : 2,500 Dark Elixir
Build Time 1 Day
Experience Received 293
Town Hall Required 6
Trigger Radius 12 Tiles

Clan Castle Level 4

Cost to Build 1,800,000 Gold
Hitpoints 2,600
Max # of Troops 25
War Loot Capacity 1,000,000 Gold : 1,000,000 Elixir : 4,000 Dark Elixir
Build Time 2 Days
Experience Received 415
Town Hall Required 8
Trigger Radius 12 Tiles

Clan Castle Level 5

Cost to Build 5,000,000 Gold
Hitpoints 3,000
Max # of Troops 30
War Loot Capacity 1,500,000 Gold : 1,500,000 Elixir : 6,000 Dark Elixir
Build Time 7 Days
Experience Received 777
Town Hall Required 9
Trigger Radius 12 Tiles

Clan Castle Level 6

Cost to Build 7,000,000 Gold
Hitpoints 3,400
Max # of Troops 35
War Loot Capacity 2,000,000 Gold : 2,000,000 Elixir : 10,000 Dark Elixir
Build Time 14 Days
Experience Received 1,099
Town Hall Required 10
Trigger Radius 12 Tiles

Clan Castle Defense Strategy

Clan Castle defense troops are critical for the protection of your village, especially in later Town Hall levels. They will often be the difference between getting your town 3-starred, losing only a fraction of your resources, or repelling the invader completely. Since the Clan Castle range is always a whopping 14 tiles, this means that your donated troops can come out to defend very early during an attack.

The best thing you can do is place your Clan Castle toward the center of your base so that your troops will provide defense no matter where the attack is coming from. This also makes it tougher for opponents to lure your troops into the corner of the map where they can pick them off easily. Clan Castle loot can be stolen, offering another reason to keep this structure in the center if you don’t plan on collecting the loot right away.

Clan Castle Offense Strategy

Since the introduction of the Poison Spell, you’ll often find a Clan Castle dragon waiting for you, especially in war. This is because this spell, which devastates other troops, hardly leaves a scratch on a Dragon. An Archer Queen is a good way of dealing with them– simply use the Cloak ability to shoot it down without receiving damage. Otherwise, a group of high level Wizards are also effective.

When requesting Clan Castle troops in clan wars, you’d also be wise to ask for a Dragon yourself for protection. Since a Dragon requires a housing space of 20, the Clan Castle level needed for Dragon is 3. Pretty much any high level troop is useful for offense (except for Goblins) and their effectiveness depends on your attack strategy. Clan Castle defense golems are also good as they’ll be able to fight oncoming troops and absorb damage for longer than any other troop.

Concerning a Clan Castle upgrading during war, the troop capacity will remain as it was before the upgrade was complete for that war. So if your Clan Castle is Level 3 and upgrading to Level 4 during war and it finishes upgrading, you’ll still only be able to use 20 troops and not 25.


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