Dragon Attack Strategies – Tips & Advice


Dragon Basic Information

Boasting plenty of hitpoints and able to deal great damage, the Dragon is one of the most devastating units in the game. Not only is it a flying unit itself but it can also lay waste to both ground and air units by inflicting ranged splash damage to both troops and structures. The fact that it targets whatever is nearest makes it even deadlier when used correctly.

(In-Game Description)

“The might of the dragons are known throughout the land. This scaly terror of the skies feels no mercy and nothing will escape the fiery splashes of his breath.”

Dragon Attack Strategies

These units can take plenty of hits before going down but even your Dragon Level 5 doesn’t stand a chance against a leveled up Air Defense or two. For this reason you should do your best to take these structures out with other troops and Lightning Spells before unleashing your Dragon. Obvious one of the best units you can use for this is the new Lava Hound, which are perfect since they specifically target Air Defenses.

Another common and effective Dragon attack strategy is to use your powerful flying reptiles to tank. While the Dragon absorbs the damage from Archer Towers, X-Bows, and other air defense structures, a wave of Balloons or Minions comes in to wreak havoc. Since they won’t be under fire from the defensive structures, they should have no problem destroying plenty of buildings before the Dragon dies. Tossing in Rage and Healing spells is also very recommended.

Dragon Defense Strategy

Preparing for a Dragon attack on your base can be difficult since they are very strong units, but it isn’t impossible. The best thing you can do is upgrade your Air Defenses as soon as possible since they’re the structures most capable of significantly harming and/or killing Dragons. Make sure to spread them out so that your base is well covered and a group of Dragons with a Rage Spell can’t wipe out all your Air Defenses in a matter of seconds.

Even before a 2015 update introduced the Poison Spell, A Dragon Clan Castle unit is arguably one of the best defenses you can have. Because of their high hitpoints and ability to deal splash damage, most attackers will have to rethink their strategy to take out your Dragon before moving on with their plan. This will often cause them to waste time and troops, which is always a good thing if you don’t want to lose precious Trophies and resources.

Dragon Levels and Requirements
At all levels:

  • Housing Space = 20
  • Training Time = 30 Minutes
  • Movement Speed = 16
  • Attack Range = 3 Tiles
  • Attack Speed = 1.5s
  • Attack Area Splash = 0.3 Tiles
  • Target = Ground, Air

Dragon Level 1

Damage Per Second 140
Damage Per Fireblast 210
Hitpoints 1,900
Training Cost 25,000 Elixir
Research Cost None
Laboratory Level Required for Upgrade None
Research Time None

Dragon Level 2

Damage Per Second 160
Damage Per Fireblast 240
Hitpoints 2,100
Training Cost 29,000 Elixir
Research Cost 2,000,000 Elixir
Laboratory Level Required for Upgrade 5
Research Time 7 Days

Dragon Level 3

Damage Per Second 180
Damage Per Fireblast 270
Hitpoints 2,300
Training Cost 33,000 ELixir
Research Cost 3,000,000 Elixir
Laboratory Level Required for Upgrade 6
Research Time 10 Days

Dragon Level 4

Damage Per Second 200
Damage Per Fireblast 300
Hitpoints 2,500
Training Cost 37,000 Elixir
Research Cost 7,000,000 Elixir
Laboratory Level Required for Upgrade 7
Research Time 14 Days

Dragon Level 5

Damage Per Second 220
Damage Per Fireblast 330
Hitpoints 2,700 Elixir
Training Cost 42,000 Elixir
Research Cost 8,000,000 Elixir
Laboratory Level Required for Upgrade 8
Research Time 14 Days
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