COC Bowler

Clash of Clans Bowler – Tips, Levels, & Stats


Clash of Clans Bowler Overview

The best part about the Bowler is that they have a long range. When they throw that rock it travels far enough to hit the building in front of him and the building behind that. This is something that no other troop does. The issue with the bowler is that he has very low hitpoints and dies easily. You need to make sure to deploy them with the protection of lots of heavy troops in front. Make sure to bring Golems and/or Giants with you in order to distract the defense. Otherwise your valued new Bowler is going to die very quickly.

Bowler Stats & Levels 

Clash of Clans Bowlers Stats

Level 3 Bowler Attack Video 

In this video you will see a Town Hall 11 attack another Town Hall 11 with 6 Bowlers. They do not go where he wanted, but you can still see how they perform in battle.

GowipeClash of Clans Bowler – Tips, Levels, & Stats