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Eagle Artillery Clash of Clans – Stats, Levels, & Strategies


Eagle Artillery Clash of Clans – Basic Information

The Eagle Artillery becomes available when you reach Town Hall 11, and it is by far the most dominating force in the game. Before Eagle Artillery the biggest defensive threats were Inferno Towers, but that all changes when they released the Eagle.

When they added the Eagle Artillery Clash of Clans changed the game in a big way. Instead of just scouting bases to mainly see how the defenses are setup, where the Inferno Towers are, where the Heroes are, etc., now you HAVE to check where the Eagle is. Planning TH 11 attacks should be heavily focused on how to either avoid or destroy the Eagle Artillery, because it can easily take out your Golems, Valkyries, and all other heavy set troops that you planned on using as a shield. With the Eagle Artillery in action, you can see your troops get crushed if you do not deploy your troops right.

Not only does only does it deliver a lot of damage, but the range of the Eagle Artillery covers the entire map except for a small dead zone close to unit itself.  The Eagle targets based on “heat map” or “hitpoint map” which means that your chunkiest and highest hitpoint level troops will get targeted first. This is why you will see attacks come in two waves a lot of times when the enemy base has an Eagle Artillery.

Eagle Artillery Stats and Levels:

Level Damage per Hit Damage per Second Shockwave Damage Hitpoints
Loading Cost
Build Time
1 250 75 15 4,000 8,000,000 35,000 10d 929
2 300 90 20 4,400 10,000,000 40,000 14d 1,099
Range Attack Speed Damage Type Unit Type Targeted Favorite Target Number of Rounds
7-50 three-shot volley each 10 seconds Splash Ground & Air Golem (Damage x3) 90 (30 three-shot volleys)

COC Eagle Artillery Attack Strategies

You need to watch out for the Eagle Artillery trigger, this is when it lights up and first becomes activated. As soon as this happens you will see many clashers use freeze to stall it. Even though it delivers lots of damage to Golems, they are still the best troop to use against the Eagle. Giants will die immediately and Valkyries do not have nearly enough hitpoints to withstand the blow. That means that you need to use your Golems wisely to distract the Eagle Artillery while your other troops do damage. Your goal should be to destroy the Eagle as soon as possible in the attack, otherwise it is just going to remain and continue to destroy your troops from miles away. Bringing freeze spells to battle will definitely help you get more destruction, but the only way to 3 star a Town Hall 11 that has Eagle Artillery is to take it out early.

Clash of Clans Eagle Artillery Defensive Strategies

As mentioned above, you want to keep your Eagle Artillery away from the perimeter of the base walls, that way people cannot just take it out with ease. You want to make attackers work to destroy it, and you also want to leave them guessing when it comes to where they should attack from. One of the most annoying places to have the Eagle for attackers is within the range of your Infernos and multiple Archer Towers; This will ensure that the blind zone of the Eagle is protected and will make it very difficult for them to put together a successful two-pronged attack.

Clash of Clans Eagle Artillery in Action:


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