Clash of Clans Miners

Clash of Clans Miner – Stats, Levels, & Strategies


Miners COC Basic Information

Miners were one of the latest troops to be introduced, and although there are some people that love their mass Miner attacks, especially TH 11’s, they are not really a highly-used troop in the game.  Even though Clash of Clans lowered the training time by a lot, it still not really worth it to use them. They have a lot of hitpoints and can also avoid damage while they are underground “mining,” but they deliver a very small amount of damage. This makes them kind of a hybrid troop for distraction and destruction, not really specializing in either aspect.

Preferred Target Attack Type Housing Space Movement Speed Attack Speed Barracks Level Required Range
None Single Target 5 20 1.7 sec 12 0.5 tiles
Level Damage per Second Damage per Attack Hitpoints
Training Cost 
Research Cost 
Laboratory Level Research Time
1 80 136 500 4,200 N/A N/A N/A
2 88 149.6 550 4,800 7,500,000 8 10 days
3 96 163.2 600 5,400 8,500,000 9 12 days
4 104 176.8 650 6,000 9,500,000 9 14 days


Training Time of Miners
Number of level 12 Barracks Training Time
1 2 minutes
2 1 minute
3 40 seconds
4 30 seconds

Clash of Clans Miners Offensive Strategy

The best attack strategy for Miners is to pair them with a couple heavy hitpoint troops like Golems or Giants, while also including some high damage attack troops such as Valkyries, Bowlers, and/or Wizards. It is very rare to pair Miners with air troops and do air attacks, so you should for sure practice with ground troops and figure out what mix works for you.  Before you deploy Miners, many COC Miner attack masters agree that you should release at least one Golem and/or some Giants. This will distract the defense and allow your Miners to start doing some damage without being harmed. Once the Giants and/or Golems die the defense will start focusing on your Miners, and this is all happening while your attack troops are crushing the base from behind.

What Spells to use with Miners in Clash of Clans?

The best spells to use with Miners are Rage and Heal. Miners are not the highest hitpoint troop, but since they are pretty sturdy the Heal Spell does work well. Other people prefer to use Rage Spell with Miners in order to increase the amount of damage they do before they are killed.  If you try and use Jump Spells with Miners Clash of Clans might ban you since they go under walls and that would be the stupidest thing ever.

Mass Miner Attack TH10 & TH11

Using the mass miner attack strategy is VERY fun!! But does it work? It really depends…….it is highly suggested that you only try mass Miner attacks in war if you have at least a Level 30 Barbarian King and Archer Queen, and at least a Level 10 Grand Warden. Otherwise you are not going to have the fire power you need to get 100%. 2 Star attacks are pretty easy when you use mass Miners, but who goes for 2 stars?

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