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Gowiho Attack Strategy

Gowiho Attacks The basic idea behind the Gowiho attack is to distract the enemy defense and crush them from all ends. In the example below you can see that I bring some Giants, but that is only because there are Inferno Towers set to single that I wanted to flood. If they were set to…

GowipeGowiho Attack Strategy

Dragon Attack Strategies – Tips & Advice

Dragon Basic Information Boasting plenty of hitpoints and able to deal great damage, the Dragon is one of the most devastating units in the game. Not only is it a flying unit itself but it can also lay waste to both ground and air units by inflicting ranged splash damage to both troops and structures.…

GowipeDragon Attack Strategies – Tips & Advice
Clash of Clans Barching Attack Strategy

Clash of Clans Barching Attacks – Tips and Strategies

Barching Attacks Clash of Clans When you think about an attack strategy that not only works for looting but is also capable of earning you plenty of trophies, a few unit combinations come to mind. Maybe you think about the popular GoWiWi attack strategy consisting of Golems, Witches, and Wizards, or perhaps you’d prefer a…

GowipeClash of Clans Barching Attacks – Tips and Strategies