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I am a dedicated clasher that has been playing for over 3 years, and I built this website to provide some great info and strategies for those who want it. In order to protect my identity I will never share my username, my clan name, or reveal my clan mates’ usernames to ensure that our identities remain secret. Over the years I have watched countless YouTube videos from some of the best clashers in the world, and I want to bring all of those amazing tips and attack strategies to you! Please be patient as I add more pages, I know I am missing a lot of them right now, but they are coming!

Clash of Clans tipps are extremely important if you want to get better and always be improving. Tony Robins, motivational speaker, has an acronym: C.A.N.I. = Constant and Never Ending Improvement. He talks about C.A.N.I. to improve yourself and your business skills and what not, but here we will use it in the sense that you must always be learning and seeking out info in this game if you want to get good and 3 star bases like the pros. There are lots of changes that take place during the updates, so if you are not refreshing your attack skills you are falling behind. Staying up to date on the changes and additions of troops and buildings is only the beginning, learning how to master those items and execute are key.

3 Stars COC

If you are a true clasher than you know that this game is life……it take sacrifice to advance far and serious skill if you want to become a respected war attacker. Have you ever 3 stared a Town Hall 10? Town Hall 11? I have been playing for over 3 years and still am maxing out my Town Hal 10, that is why you will notice that in some of the pictures items are not fully maxed. Sure, I can buy gems and get it done much quicker, but personally I think that takes some of the fun out of the game. When you wait 10-14 days for something to upgrade and it finally finishes, that feeling you get is one of the best feelings in the world. If you want to gem it up that is fine, you will be experiencing a different type of joy when you see all those maxed out troops, buildings, and defenses. However, to get the maximum amount of satisfaction as possible you should try to to do it organically. With that being said, I definitely put $20 in here and there 😉 Yes, it is good and somewhat of a bragging point if you do it all organically, but on the other hand we play the game so much that it helps to be able to boost your barracks to get more attacks in, or gem your resource collectors so that you can get to that next upgrade a little bit quicker.

One thing is for sure, and that is the fact that Clash of Clans is the best game of the world, and the staff and founders of Supercell should be honored like Gods. Sometimes people talk crap when they make big updates, but that is because people do not like change. Don’t be one of those people who are so stubborn that you can’t conform to the updates. Come and visit to get the latest scoop.

Whatever you do, DO NOT CHEAT! Clash of Clans cheat codes might be tempting, but they will get you banned and from the game and even your clan if they do not allow it. There are plenty of ways to have fun without all of the stupid COC gem codes, so just play the game like you should and stay away from all of that mod stuff.

If you like what you read and are a fan of the website, help out by following us on social media and sharing your favorite articles with your fellow clasher friends. I really hope that this website impacts the clash community in a positive way, so if you have any suggestions or tips for me on how to make the website better or even things that you want to hear about, please do not hesitate and reach out!

Clash On!

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